LinkedIn will allow employees to fully work from home

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LinkedIn does not expect its more than 16,000 global employees to return to the office. The company instead, expects that employees will fully work from home even as offices gradually begin to reopen.

This is contrary to what LinkedIn had indicated last year that it expects its employees to work from an office location 50 percent of the time. Recall that several companies including LinkedIn had sent their employees home as the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged cities in 2020.

Now, as the lockdown begins to ease, and companies expect their employees to gradually return to the office, LinkedIn is singing a new tune. Employees of LinkedIn will have the flexible option of working remotely or from the office part-time.

We anticipate that we’ll definitely see more remote employees than what we saw prior to the pandemic,” Chief People Officer Teuila Hanson said per Reuters.

Unlike Google, Facebook and some other tech companies, LinkedIn is not making the COVID-19 vaccination compulsory for its employees. Twitter, however, is closing its offices again following the recent surge in cases.

LinkedIn offices in cities of the world will be reopened based on COVID-19 infection rates in those places. We are unlikely to see full reopening in places where the infection rate is high.

In 2020, while nations and businesses were still trying to adjust to the new-normal as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, LinkedIn published a roadmap post-COVID-19 to help speed up the recovery rate. LinkedIn’s new six-step roadmap to kick starting your business post coronavirus could be exactly what you need.

The six-step roadmap which comes in PDF format, consists of latest trends, tools, and market research into a single place. The guide presents you with an effective framework to drive growth in your business when things start returning to normal—and the truth is that there is no point waiting until a vaccine is ready—you can start planning right away; and the guide present you with something to start with.

The six-step roadmap covers the following key points:

  1. Know your role
  2. Current state assessment
  3. Take stock
  4. Optimize your measurement strategy with LinkedIn
  5. Activate platform best-practices
  6. Align on goals.

The 12-page guide, which has inputs from a wide range of industry experts, also includes actionable steps that your business can take to assess your current situation. To better inform your digital marketing strategy, LinkedIn added some interesting stats.

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