LinkedIn turns on a new feature that lets you quietly look for job

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Despite being the world’s reference point when it comes to professional networking—where professional groups and companies connect, not many could boast that LinkedIn is the place to be when trying to find a job. Not too many things go unnoticed on the network, and that’s why employees don’t like telling the world that they need a job; your current boss may not take it lightly. LinkedIn’s Open Candidates feature will change all that, allowing members to privately notify recruiters of their status [open for opportunities] without being exposed to their current employers.

In recent research carried out by LinkedIn, the company discovered that 77 percent of professional workers are open to next available opportunity. Moving to a new job or taking a new position has never been the issue with employees—it’s always about how not to get caught by an employer when looking or advertising yourself. The Open Candidate feature is the perfect tool for an employee because it presents a platform to quietly wink at companies; telling them of your availability. “This is a signal to recruiters that you want to hear from them,” explained Eric Owski, LinkedIn’s head of talent brand products.

How to use Open Candidates

Go to the jobs homepage on LinkedIn, choose the preferences, and scroll to the section tagged “Let recruiters know you’re open.” Switch on/off the setting to let recruiters know of your availability and that you can be contacted, complete the fields below the settings including the field and title you are interested in. Information provided during this step will be used by employers to shortlist you for available position. Be sure to provide adequate details about yourself, which could include; preferences, location, job type, and a short but detailed introduction about yourself. The best part is, your details will be kept private and away from your current employers, but not hidden from companies affiliated to LinkedIn.



LinkedIn’s Careers product lead Dan Shapero, told Ingrid Lunden of TechCrunch that as soon as Open Candidates is turned on, the “looking for new work” signal will only be shown to recruiters who are not in any way connected to the place where you currently work—perfect way to keep things out of the prying eyes of your current employers.

LinkedIn has put in measures to prevent stagnancy of profiles—the social media company has pegged enrollment for Open Candidates at three months, after which the feature will be turned off, and you may have to start all over again. This is especially great, and will help to flush out idle profiles and encourage activities on the network. What this means is that you should always keep an eye on your profile especially when it’s getting to three months since you updated it.

Trust LinkedIn to test the feature before rolling it out globally. The feature was tested in the U.S, the U.K, Canada, and Australia. LinkedIn said 40,000 people per day have opted-in, with close to 1 million candidates total from 450 million currently on the social network.

LinkedIn is currently at the center of a petition filed by Salesforce following recent acquisition by Microsoft.

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