LinkedIn Tests Paid Ticketed Events Service

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It’s the company’s way to encourage creators to bring more original content to LinkedIn. 


Earlier this year, LinkedIn widened its tools for creators. However, the platform hasn’t integrated monetization into its program. It’s probably the reason most creators are opting to use other platforms that lured creators by paying them. 

LinkedIn explained that it continues to listen to its members’ feedback as the platform considers future opportunities. It also continues to evolve how it will provide more value for its creators. 

And to bring more creators to its platform, the company launched a $25M creator fund. It will first focus on a new Creator Accelerator Program. It was announced after it introduced the Clubhouse-style live conversation platform. 

And to further bring more activity to the platform, it’s running a test around ticketed paid events, according to TechCrunch.

The report stated that the code involves LinkedIn selling tickets. The organizers of the events have a dashboard to monitor their sales and earnings. The information was confirmed by LinkedIn to TechCrunch stating: 

“Amid the changing world of work and transition to a nearly all-remote workforce, LinkedIn Events has seen a surge in growth, with 21 million people attending an Event on LinkedIn in 2020. We continue to learn from member and customer feedback and test new ways to improve the experience. As part of this, we are exploring options for payment in the Events product based on feedback from event organizers.”

Platform to Create Content 

As part of its effort to lure more creators to its platform, it has built new tools and acquired companies that can further assist creators to create more content. 

The idea here is that LinkedIn wants more sets of voices so that people will spend more time on LinkedIn. The company believes that it’s creating opportunities for creators. It’s also coaching creators on how to build better content for the platform. 


LinkedIn wants to compete with TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms. These platforms have announced millions of dollars in payouts to creators who are providing original content to their platforms. 

And to ensure that LinkedIn competes well, it has to pay creators better because the competition is fierce. 

LinkedIn has over 700 million users around the world. The number isn’t that small. However, the kind of content available on this platform is different because it focuses on professional development and serious topics. People are using the platform for work or to connect with other professionals. 

With the new services and tools, people might rethink their idea of LinkedIn. And if they know that they can be paid by providing original content to the platform, they’re likely to produce and create more content. 

But content created for this platform can be different from the content found on TikTok, for instance. It has to be more interesting. In that case, creators can’t just create videos that congratulate their workmates for their job anniversary. 

With several features coming to LinkedIn, it’s easy to see that the platform is trying its best to lure more people to use the platform. 

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Author: Jane Danes

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