LinkedIn sees record engagement, revenues up 34%

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LinkedIn owner Microsoft has shared the company’s latest performance update. And it comes with the latest info on how the social networking for professionals has grown amid the transition to a post-COVID job market.

LinkedIn is doing well. Microsoft has reported a 34 percent year-on-year increase in its revenue. Now at $3.44 billion, it is also seeing record levels of user engagement.

Active LinkedIn sessions have grown 22 percent for the first quarter this year. This highlights its steady rise. And Microsoft has reported record levels of increase in engagement for eight quarters and running.

The company has seen 22 percent sessions growth. This equal the amount that it saw in its past report.

Microsoft has yet to share detailed info on total LinkedIn members—not users.  And it currently stands at 810 million members.

Microsoft says its professional social network has a revenue strength that comes atop higher demand for Talent Solutions. Its Marketing Solutions is doing well as more businesses tap into higher engagement levels.

This quarter, a big focus is on adding more tools for creators and solo-prenuers to maximize their prospects.

LinkedIn calls it The Great Reshuffle. And it has fast-tracked as we shift into the work from home setup. It opens new doors for LinkedIn as a connective platform. It allows users to highlight their professional capabilities. And it helps employers find the best matches for their open roles.

The company has added new analytics and profile video options, and recently launched a new ‘Career Pathfinder’ tool. It highlights in-demand skills and training. This connects unmatched professional insights with its LinkedIn Learning tools.

With Microsoft’s backing, the social network has gone from strength to strength. The parent company lets LinkedIn grow and develop on its own. It need not force its existing product suite into the platform. It just added integrations into its Office products.

The stats speak for themselves. If you want to reach consumers in the platform, LinkedIn comes with big opportunities beyond B2B.

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Author: Francis Rey

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