LinkedIn rolls out new Funny emoji

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The long wait has ended. Now, LinkedIn users can use a new Funny expression in the app.

Now, LinkedIn users have a new way to react to posts on the platform. The Funny emoji has been added to the six original emoji response options.

According to LinkedIn, the Funny reaction is rolled out gradually, so you may go ahead and check. But it isn’t available to everyone yet.

The option gives you an easy way to react to a LinkedIn post that you think “made you laugh, felt humorous, or offered light-hearted fun in a professional context.”

By professional context—the key parameter that LinkedIn wants to emphasize—it means that it wants to filter untargeted junk posted by users who only seek attention.

Some of the contextual stuff are bad, though.

@SamBahreini displays this montage:

After years of seeing fake, copied, or sensationalized stories get reach for no reason here is the final definitive proof that @LinkedIn is broken @CrapOnLinkedIn

— Sam Bahreini (@sambahreini) June 14, 2022

Like on other social platforms, the trending LinkedIn posts are re-shared and re-posted multiple times by others. It is all part of the bid to maximize engagement. And growth hackers may see it as a stroke of genius. For regular users, it’s not their best experience, as they’ve seen the same joke too many times already.

Still, the increase of junk posts is a side effect of more engagement. And more people want to seek hacks and tricks like this for the benefits of posting on LinkedIn.

The platform has seen record levels of engagement in the last two years. With the current economic situation, you can bet that more people will use LinkedIn in the following years. People want to change roles and seek new opportunities.

Still, the funny reaction has been highly requested.

In February, LinkedIn’s Chief Product Officer Tomer Cohen said, “One of the top requests we got was for a laughing emoji reaction. We hear you loud & clear and we agree. Humor is indeed a serious business.”

Read more about LinkedIn’s Funny emoji here.

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Author: Francis Rey

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