LinkedIn rolls out more tools to support internal hiring and promotion

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Sometimes there may not be need to completely exit an organization. If there is an opening within the same organization that offers something better than what you have at the moment, why ignore it? Unless of course, you want a change of environment and want to move ahead. LinkedIn has rolled out more tools to support internal movement.

“More companies are making internal mobility a priority not only to improve workforce agility, but also to boost retention: employees who have made an internal move have a 75% chance of staying at their company after two years; that drops to 56% for employees who haven’t,” a LinkedIn post explained.

No employer wants to lose an employee that contributes a lot to its growth and development. So, sometimes we often see some openings exclusively designed for employees who have spent a couple of years working within the same organization.

According to LinkedIn, “one of the top drivers of employee attrition is a lack of advancement opportunities. When employees feel their skills aren’t being put to good use in their current job, they are 10x more likely to be job hunting.

LinkedIn has now rolled out a couple of tools to help retain employees, and make it easier for them to move from one position to another.

Spotlight Element:

The new spotlight element is for internal candidates in Recruiter to help highlight potential opportunities. The new spotlight module has been designed to highlight potential internal candidates that are available to fill the requirements of a vacant role within an organization. The tool will help recruiters when it comes to improving staff recognition and reward the process.

LinkedIn will also be helping employees in the area of finding more roles within their organization that are consistent with their skills. This will be made possible with the LinkedIn Hub; a platform that provides career and skill support.

Further internal guidance aspects are also being integrated into LinkedIn Learning to help employees align their skills with the potential future roles. For example, a new Role Guides element that will provide more insight into the type of skills required for internal movement.

With relevant content, communities, pre-certifications, and other resources, they can get a better understanding of the skills they need for specific roles and start building them. We’re starting with 17 of the most in-demand roles on our platform, like Project Manager and Software Engineer, and in the next couple of months, we’ll be rolling out dozens more with the ability for organizations to customize role guides to meet the specific needs of their organization.”

The internal hiring tools have started rolling out to users.

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Author: Ola Ric

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