LinkedIn releases new guide on using organic and paid strategies

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LinkedIn has published a new guide discussing the benefits of combining paid and organic outreach for brands. And it looks at how to best pair them for many uses through LinkedIn tools.

The 45-page guide has insights on how to build your brand on the professional social network. And it comes with helpful tips to guide your strategy. Here are some key highlights.

LinkedIn says combining paid and organic strategies can deliver better results. Company page followers exposed to organic and paid media are 61% more likely to convert to a paid action.

organic and paid strategies

The principle found in LinkedIn’s findings is to produce substantial branding results by combining community building (organic) and brand/product awareness (paid) elements.

Organic growth

The first section of the guide covers organic community growth. It also talks about the many tools at your disposal.

organic and paid strategies

The guide includes a checklist of your many options. This may help improve your LinkedIn strategy, and maximize the various tools provided.

organic and paid strategies

The most valuable element is most likely the section on page content. It outlines the types of content that LinkedIn users are mostly engaged with. It provides practical data to guide your posting.

LinkedIn notes what its users want to see from pages, in terms of info and insights.

organic and paid strategies

Then, it outlines the definite types of updates that align with their needs.

organic and paid strategies

This may be valuable to establish your LinkedIn strategy, and to map updates against these notes.

You can come up with a content approach specific to LinkedIn. It will improve your on-platform branding campaign and increase audience engagement.

Paid outreach

The second section talks about the paid outreach tools in LinkedIn. It includes targeting options and notes on how to maximize outreach.

organic and paid strategies

Loads of helpful notes and tips here. And this overview only scratches the surface of what LinkedIn has to offer.

Still, this is among the best guides that LinkedIn has released on effective brand-building. If you want to boost your presence on the platform, it will be worth your while to check it out.

LinkedIn now has over  774 million members and seeing record engagement levels. You have a good opportunity for your brand offerings to highlight key decisionmakers. It could generate new leads and contacts.

Download LinkedIn’s “The Perfect Blend: Organic & Paid” guide here.

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