LinkedIn releases new data on effective InMail tactics

LinkedIn has released new information of the most optimal InMail tactics used by recruiters worldwide. It emphasizes key trends in engagement and shares the most effective InMail outreach strategies.

The professional social network says it analyzed tens of millions of InMails sent by recruiters from April 2020 to February 2021. 

LinkedIn’s insights focused on recruitments from InMail. It has bearing to all InMail outreach, with platform usage trends. And it affects how users answer messages in-app.

The findings highlight four key elements that relate to optimal InMail performance – here’s what LinkedIn’s team found. 

LinkedIn says shorter InMails fared better than longer InMails.

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“The response rate for InMails of 201 to 400 characters is 16% above the average rate. In other words, these shorter InMails are 16% more likely to receive a response, compared to the average-lengthed InMail,” says LinkedIn

The social network says short InMails (400 characters or less) did 41 percent better than long InMails (1,401 characters or more).

LinkedIn notes less than 10 percent of all InMails have 399 characters or less. Most InMails have 400 to 1,000 characters.

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“That may be why shorter InMails are so effective: They stand out from 90% of other InMails simply by their brevity. Another likely reason is that candidates – passive candidates especially – are probably busy, and it’s much easier for them to read and respond to a quick message,” adds LinkedIn.

Brief and concise on weekdays

LinkedIn has provided an InMail example with less than 400 characters. It emphasizes how brief InMail messaging is when optimized.

linkedin inmail

LinkedIn says weekdays are optimal to send InMail.

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“Monday is the best day of the week to send an InMail, but just barely. Even sending an InMail on Friday or Sunday barely makes a difference – they only perform 2% or 3% below average,” says LinkedIn.

No one reads InMail on a Saturday. So, avoid it at all costs for your outreach.

LinkedIn also found bespoke InMails to perform 20 percent better than group messages. Generic, cut-and-paste email templates no longer cut it.

Prospects will feel like they are part of a required task if you send out canned statements. Make them feel human by valuing their skills or expertise.

First impressions last. While email blasts save time in recruiting, the initial connection makes the candidate feel valued.

Not only does it apply to all email outreach, apply it wherever possible in your planning.

Finally, LinkedIn found members who use the “Open to Work” status on their account reply 75 percent of the time than others.

linkedin inmail

The Open to Work signifier is part of the social network’s initiatives to help people affected by COVID-19 find a job.

Apart from recruitment, you can use LinkedIn InMail for message ads.  It has some key notes on how to improve campaigns and optimize response rates. 

You can read the full study here.

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