LinkedIn releases Focused Inbox, adds new analytics tools

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LinkedIn wants its members to manage their LinkedIn Inbox better. It wants to filter out more junk using a new Focused Inbox interface. It means moving the less important messages automatically into an Other tab.

For instance, the Focused Inbox will provide you two separate InMail tabs – Focused and Other.

You may consider the Other tab as LinkedIn’s Spam folder. But we’d have to ask where the Sponsored InMails will end up after this update.

“[The Focused Inbox] is an intelligent, dual-tabbed display that makes it easier to find and respond to the messages that matter most by categorizing incoming messages into two tabs. Your most relevant messages will appear on the Focused tab while the rest remain easily accessible on the Other tab. You can also easily move messages between the tabs,” says LinkedIn.

LinkedIn notes that your inbox will learn and get smarter by studying your usage. It learns the emails you consider as junk and filter them out.

The company has also enhanced the way it helps people to find opportunities in the company that currently employs them. It has added a “Jobs at your company” stream in the Jobs tab showcasing new roles in your organization.

“By showing employees relevant public jobs from their company on LinkedIn, we can (a) help employees find better-suited opportunities for their next play, (b) allow employees to compare internal and external opportunities side-by-side, and (c) help employers retain great talent by helping their employees connect with internal opportunities,” says LinkedIn.

The company has also added new ways to highlight your soft skills. It can be thru written or video responses to common hiring questions and share it in your profile. In line with this, it will invest more in machine-translated captions across different languages for better access to LinkedIn Learning courses.

LinkedIn has also added new analytics tools to Sales Navigator. It includes a new Account Dashboard to show a list of saved accounts, and their level of interest, using AI signals.

“With new alerts about accounts showing intent in the Homepage Highlights section and a Buyer Intent filter in Search, your teams will now have buyer intent information as part of their day-to-day Sales Navigator workflow, making it as easy as possible to prioritize the right accounts at the right time,” adds LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn says more analytics features will come to Sales Navigator. They will use signals and activities from across the platform for better indicators of potential buyer interest.

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Author: Francis Rey

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