LinkedIn publishes its State of Sales 2022 report

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LinkedIn has released its State of Sales 2022 report. It covers emerging trends among buyers and sellers. And it also looks at how the most successful outreach managers optimize their performance.

The professional social network will post eight regional versions of the report over the next week. It gathers responses from around 15,000 buyers and sellers worldwide.

The US and UK editions are available here.

The  US report checks how sales managers have been using CRM tools, tech platforms, and sales intelligence platforms, to optimize outreach.

The sales managers who use the existing tech tools have driven the best results. It underlines the need to look for and learn the best options for your business.

Data shows sales managers who have higher affinity to their marketing team delivered the higher performance.

The report examines how sellers evolve amid the rising remote work trends. Most respondents had a strong inclination to a part-time, out-of-office work.

In perspective, sales managers have considered face-to-face engagements as a critical part of marketing. Now, sales managers want to find more ways for remote work. Innovative connection and communications tools now open more doors to highlight products and services through digital media.

The results show how LinkedIn plays a critical role to optimize sales opportunities. The report has a more exhaustive analysis of how LinkedIn can help highlight the platform’s value as a business connection tool. And it could help your sales workflow.

These keynotes and added regional reports could offer valuable insight for buyers and sellers worldwide.

Read more about LinkedIn’s 2022 State of Sales report here.

LinkedIn will publish the other regional reports throughout the week via this link.

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Author: Francis Rey

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