LinkedIn publishes Event Framework

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LinkedIn has released new guide called The LinkedIn Event Framework to focus on this. It walks you through on how to run an effective event. It comes with many tips on how to pick the right format for your use, and how to promote it to the right audience.

LinkedIn has increased its live events creation by 150% over the past year. Virtual meetups are now among the top choices. And these could be avenues you never considered for event hosting and marketing.

LinkedIn’s 44-page Event Framework guide is here. In this post, we will look at some key ideas.

The guide focuses on LinkedIn’s new Event Framework. Simply put, it is a principal planning strategy for your event.

Each framework element is discussed further in the guide. Half of it focuses on virtual events, while the other half is all about face-to-face meetups.

LinkedIn has provided tips on choosing the best for you.

The guide has valuable planning points. And it includes an overview of how to set up your events.

It also comes with specific tips on how to market your event effectively.

Then, it talks about what LinkedIn users want to see.

If you have plans to run an event, the pointers here are worth reading. It has a stack of valuable tips to improve your strategy, even for experienced event marketers.

Based on the latest numbers, many businesses are considering the event options.

The accessibility of virtual events is riding the reach of LinkedIn. Many businesses are now studying its potential.

About 67% of event organizers surveyed by LinkedIn said they plan to keep running virtual events in the future.

The extra brand reach and connectivity could boost your business in leaps.

Download the LinkedIn Event Framework guide here.

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