LinkedIn Marketing Labs launches, educates ad tools

LinkedIn has rolled out a new Marketing Labs training platform for marketers. It educates them about more effective uses of LinkedIn ads. And it includes tactics that they can use to get better results.

linkedin marketing labs

“With LinkedIn Marketing Labs, you can access a host of curated courses to learn about how to best utilize the LinkedIn marketing tools available to reach and engage with professionals. If you want to learn more about strategies to drive business where business is done, LinkedIn Marketing Labs is the place for you,” says LinkedIn.

The Marketing Labs site has optional learning routes. It comes with links to related courses and guides to help you when needed.

linkedin marketing labs

LinkedIn says it curated the courses with the help of its inhouse experts. These specialists studied LinkedIn advertising best practices from various customer bases and industries.

With text and video elements, the courses range from beginner to intermediate levels. And it covers all aspects of LinkedIn advertising, such as:

A single course runs for about 45 minutes. It may take time to work on all of them. But each route will provide a clear understanding how LinkedIn ad options work. And you will learn how you can use them to boost your marketing campaign.

The five pointers above are valuable. It teaches us about the intricacies of the LinkedIn ad system. And even if you are confident of your grasp on how it all works, you will find new ideas to polish your understanding.

The new LinkedIn Marketing Labs is available now. You can take the courses by signing in with your LinkedIn credentials.

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