LinkedIn launches new Business Manager dashboard for marketers

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LinkedIn has launched a set of new tools to help to help marketers maximize their lead generation. The new tool, according to LinkedIn, will also help marketers to build their brands. Included in the launch is a new Business Manager dashboard, a newB2B aligned, updated CRM and API integration, and LinkedIn-native consultancy.

Business Manager Platform

This provides a central dashboard to help you manage “people, accounts, Pages” and their associated marketing processes. The new Business Manager platform provides a simplified management platform covering every of your LinkedIn business activities.

The new platform features dedicated tabs that can be used for managing People, Partners, Ad Accounts and Company Pages, along with Matched Audience.

LinkedIn also launched a new consultancy called B2B Edge. This tool provides dedicated marketing and brand building advice based on academic research and first-party data.

In a blog post, LinkedIn said:

“This new service will provide resources and intelligence to improve segmentation, targeting and market position, as well as optimize creative and media investments. From Oracle to SAS to Workhuman, we’re helping some of the most respected enterprise brands in B2B think about how brand and performance advertising, together, produce the most impactful marketing campaigns.”

Talking about helping marketers and brands generally to maximize profits, LinkedIn published a guide to help businesses recover post–COVID-19.The guide, which was published in 2020, involved a six-step roadmap.

The six-step roadmap which comes in PDF format, consists of latest trends, tools, and market research into a single place. The guide presents you with an effective framework to drive growth in your business.

For LinkedIn, it is all about supporting professionals and businesses achieve their goals. In 2019, the professional social networking company a new tool to strengthen the position of job seekers. The tool, “Skill Assessments,” is designed to help job seekers prepare ahead of their next assessment tests.

For those who have upcoming multiple-choice tests, the tool will help equip them and put them in better shape ahead of things. They can use Skill Assessment to test their knowledge in such areas as computer languages, software packages, and several other work-related skills.

Job hunters will have access to English language tests covering some 75 different skills—and all that will be available at no cost. Of course, more languages are being worked on, which will be made available to users in the foreseeable future.

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Author: Ola Ric

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