LinkedIn launches new AI feature to help job seekers

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Seeking a new job? Help is on the way with LinkedIn’s new AI feature. LinkedIn has launched a new AI feature that helps job seekers find one by grouping them together.

LinkedIn’s new AI feature is called Job Collections and is designed to analyze each job posting and group them into different categories, including remote, IT, startups, and pro sports.

This will not only save time; it may come as a big boost to job seekers who are not sure what their next step will be. While you might not know what you are searching for, according to LinkedIn, you could end up finding something great.

Job Collections’ success will depend heavily on how well it understands you, as opposed to wasting your time further through jobs that are outright off base.

To use LinkedIn’s latest feature, simply go to the Jobs tab and click on “Explore with Job Collections.” You may also go to Preferences and choose from things like employment and location type.

LinkedIn will then highlight them in green anytime they appear on a job listing. If a job, however, is not what you want but the company is, you can now send them an “I’m Interested” notification right from the listing instead of visiting their profile to do so.

LinkedIn may be a later entrant to the AI field, but the company is constantly introducing new features. Back in November, LinkedIn introduced new AI features that are only available to its premium members.

The tools are intended to assist users in understanding job postings, their feed, and other content.

While integrating AI into its platform is undoubtedly a brilliant idea, it is also concerning to consider that, given how many problems AI could be able to solve, people might be reluctant to display their innate talent and expertise.

It goes without saying that this would save brands and job seekers a ton of time, but how much assistance does it provide with showcasing your skills?

The new tools are essentially meant to assist you in determining whether or not to apply for a specific job. It aids in your ability to summarize the requirements and directs you through the application process.

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Author: Ola Ric

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