LinkedIn is testing a new skills assessment tool called Career Explorer

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LinkedIn by miles remains the undisputed king when it comes to building a career. Millions of people around the world depend on the professional network to make the right connection, get the necessary skills, and get their dream job; and trust LinkedIn not to let them down. In line with its tradition of helping job seekers grow, the Microsoft owned company has announced that it is currently testing a new tool called Career Explorer.

Career Explorer shows job seekers how their skills compare to thousands of job titles and what skills they need to work on. Users will be directed to online learning courses to learn new skills. 

In this environment, continued learning and investment in new skills is really critical for job seekers in order to get them back on their feet,” Karin Kimbrough, a chief economist at LinkedIn, said during a press conference per CNET

Job seekers will also be shown common questions asked in management, marketing and sales jobs to help them prepare for interviews. The company said that using #OpenToWork and its associated photo frame are helping job seekers to break down stigmas related to unemployment.

Coming at such a time like this when the world is battling hard to find a vaccine to curb the spread of the COVID-19, the Career Explorer tool will help a lot unemployed people to enhance existing skills and acquire new ones.

Still on the pandemic, LinkedIn published a roadmap post-COVID-19 to help speed up the recovery rate back in June. Things will no doubt return to normal; but how soon that happens could depend largely on the successes of various vaccine tests being carried out in different countries of the world. While medical scientists are busy at it, LinkedIn’s new six-step roadmap to kick starting your business post coronavirus could be exactly what you need.

The six-step roadmap which comes in PDF format, consists of latest trends, tools, and market research into a single place. The guide presents you with an effective framework to drive growth in your business when things start returning to normal—and the truth is that there is no point waiting until a vaccine is ready—you can start planning right away; and the guide presents you with something to start with.

The six-step roadmap covers the following key points:

Know your role

Current state assessment

Take stock

Optimize your measurement strategy with LinkedIn

Activate platform best-practices

Align on goals.

The 12-page guide, which has inputs from a wide range of industry experts, also includes actionable steps that your business can take to assess your current situation. To better inform your digital marketing strategy, LinkedIn added some interesting stats.

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