LinkedIn highlights the most in-demand skills today

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LinkedIn wants to help its members to maximize their job prospects. It has highlighted the most in-demand skills today as found in LinkedIn job ads. It has also launched an overview of job posts in your network so you can find opportunities among people and businesses you know.

In-demand Skills

LinkedIn has shared new research into the hot, trending skills noted in LinkedIn job ads.

“We compared the top skills professionals had in 2015 with those for the same jobs today and identified the skills that rose to the top – the top skills in demand today,” says LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has filtered it to the top 20 in-demand skills. These jobs were found in more than 75% of jobs postings globally in the last three months.

Top 20 Skills with their LinkedIn Learning courses

LinkedIn will host virtual events so members can engage with LinkedIn Learning instructors and learn how skills for jobs evolve. It also comes with tips on how to lean into these trends. 

The virtual events arefrom September 12th to 16th.

Who’s Hiring in Your Network

LinkedIn’s is adding a new Who’s Hiring in Your Network overview. It keeps you updated on the potential career opportunities from your connections.

“Keeping in touch with your network is crucial, and many are increasingly turning to their online communities for help. More than one third of job seeking LinkedIn members in the US said they reached out to someone in their network to discuss their career plans. But it can be challenging to know who’s hiring or where to start,” says LinkedIn.

The new overview has a dedicated space in the Jobs tab to highlight opportunities from peers.

“You’ll also be notified of relevant jobs when people in your first or second degree network are hiring, and you can also see members of the hiring team in job descriptions, making it easy for you to reach out directly and apply early,” adds LinkedIn.

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