LinkedIn has launched free Marketing Labs certification course for users

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Time to upgrade your digital marketing skill is now as LinkedIn is giving you a big opportunity to do just that. LinkedIn has launched a new LinkedIn Marketing Labs certification course for all users—and it is free. The course is titled “Content and Creative Design,” and is available for free if you are a member of the platform.

The course has three units, with special focus on LinkedIn’s tools, which will help you learn more about content and marketing fundamentals, and develop your skills.

In an official blog post, LinkedIn said:

“This new certification is critical because it comes at a time when we see an industry-wide interest in the topic of content strategy and creative design. In fact, as HubSpot’s State of Marketing 2022 Report found, content is continuing its sharp rise in importance even compared to last year, with 66% of marketers expecting to allocate more of their budgets toward it in 2022 and 47% of B2B buyers viewing three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep.”

It is a big opportunity if you are looking for ways to boost your digital marketing skills. As a matter of fact, nothing beats the ability to write content that is engaging and attractive to the audience.

Attaining full certification only takes a couple of hours; but of course, this depends on your level of knowledge. A LinkedIn certificate will be issued at the end of the course, which can be printed out or added to your LinkedIn profile.

Like I said earlier, the course is free, and you have got nothing to lose. It is an opportunity to up your game in the digital marketing world, which is becoming more competitive these days.

You can follow this link to learn more about the new LinkedIn Marketing Labs for all members.  

In 2019, LinkedIn launched a tool to strengthen the position of job seekers. The tool, “Skill Assessments,” is designed to help job seekers prepare ahead of their next assessment tests.

For those who have upcoming multiple-choice tests, the tool will help equip them and put them in better shape ahead of things. They can use Skill Assessment to test their knowledge in such areas as computer languages, software packages, and several other work-related skills.

Job hunters will have access to English language tests covering some 75 different skills—and all that will be available at no cost. Of course, more languages are being worked on, which will be made available to users in the foreseeable future.

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Author: Ola Ric

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