LinkedIn “Fair Chance” filter to help people with criminal records find jobs


People with criminal records often get stigmatized when it comes to getting a job. Imagine having to convince a potential employer that you have truly turned a new leaf and now ready to put the past behind you—it is always a difficult thing to do. With LinkedIn, there is a new lease of life as the professional social networking has just launched a new job filter called “Fair Chance.”

Per LinkedIn, more than 70 million people in the US have a criminal record—and that is huge if you ask me. Many of these may have served the time and want to get back to doing things the normal way which include getting a job.

“That’s why we’re excited to roll out a new “Fair Chance ” job filter to help job-seekers easily identify employers who have committed to consider applicants with a criminal record, thus removing a major barrier from their job search process,” LinkedIn said in a blog post.

The Fair Chance Filter is currently only available on the web in the US and will be coming to iOS and Android soon.


Last year, the Microsoft owned professional network launched a new tool to strengthen the position of job seekers. The new tool, “Skill Assessments,” is designed to help job seekers prepare ahead of their next assessment tests.

The tool will be very useful for those who have upcoming multiple-choice tests—it will help equip them and put them in better shape ahead of things. They can use Skill Assessment to test their knowledge in such areas as computer languages, software packages, and several other work-related skills.

Job hunters will have access to English language tests covering some 75 different skills—and all that will be available at no cost. Of course, more languages are being worked on, which will be made available to users in the foreseeable future.

The Skill Assessments tool arrived at a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to get their desired positions these days. With high paying jobs becoming increasingly difficult to access, it is only important for job hunters to be better prepared before heading out to a job test.

Earlier on,  LinkedIn launched tools to help job seekers prepare for job interviews. LinkedIn’s suite of tools was launched to help you prepare ahead of your next interview. According to the company, 54 percent of job seekers say the interview phase of their job search is “moderately to extremely challenging.” This is usually linked to lack of confidence and uncertainty among other reasons.

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