LinkedIn expands ID verification to more regions

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LinkedIn is making a major push with its ID verification campaign, and it has now extended the service to additional areas. The expansion will give users in more regions access to verify their identity within the app.

Users in certain regions can now confirm their ID documents with Persona, the company LinkedIn is partnering with to achieve its objective of verifying the authenticity of its users.

Once confirmed, users will have a verification badge added to their LinkedIn profile, which confirms that they have uploaded and verified their government-issued ID with one of the company’s partner providers.

Profile verification on LinkedIn was initially only available to US users, but it has since been made available to users in Mexico and Canada. More users can now identify their identities thanks to the feature’s increased availability.

“In Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, the identity verification is performed by Persona, a third-party identity verification service. It’s available in each country for those with a valid NFC-enable passport,” LinkedIn said in a statement.

On this project, LinkedIn is collaborating with Microsoft Entra, Digilocker, and others. The goal is to eventually expand verification to more areas.

LinkedIn reports that verified profiles get 30% more messages, 60% more views on their profiles, and 50% more comments and reactions on their posts.

It does mean a lot to have that seal of authenticity on your profile, so LinkedIn needs to make it more widely accessible.

LinkedIn is also integrating verification into selected job postings, providing more confirmation and assurance in the app.

By the end of 2025, 100 million users will have had their identities verified in at least one professional identity-related area for each member.

A few months ago, LinkedIn declared that job postings would now include its verification. The business also announced that it will roll out new message warnings that will inform users if messages on the platform contain high-risk content that might include fraudulent activity.

In the future, LinkedIn will start displaying information that has been verified about a job poster or their company in connection with a job post.

Users will begin to notice verifications on job postings, which is a sign that the information has been approved as accurate by the employer, LinkedIn, or one of its partners.

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Author: Ola Ric

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