LinkedIn continues record engagement in latest performance update

LinkedIn has seen record engagement rates, as overall sessions are up 29 percent. Its latest performance update from parent Microsoft shows. And the report reveals a steady growth in usage trends and ad sales.

Microsoft took over LinkedIn five years ago. Along with that, LinkedIn dropped its in-depth usage and performance data. It also cut the charts on engagement, user growth, and more.

Now, LinkedIn’s performance data is but a small fraction of Microsoft’s larger results listings.

linkedin performance update record engagement

Despite the drop in performance data, LinkedIn remains steady. And Microsoft says its subsidiary has been getting record engagement continuously. But only they know the breakdown and basis for the numbers.

LinkedIn has been mum about its actual usage. It chooses to emphasize its number of members at 740 million.

Quite a large number there. But does it give us more understanding on the daily and monthly active users? And what about the average time these users spend in the app?

Some estimate that LinkedIn’s real usage rate is 1 out of 4 members. Other estimates have it at 40 percent.

Still, the expected number of monthly active users is around 300 million or higher. And the projected time spent is at around 10 mins per session. 

Microsoft’s so-called record engagement is unimpressive as reflected on the actual time spent. Yet, the tech giant says LinkedIn is growing steadily.

As more people apply for work after the pandemic, we will see more attention to LinkedIn moving forward. And it will increase the interest of advertisers.

Features left and right

LinkedIn has launched new features recently. It added a My Company tab on LinkedIn company pages. With it, businesses can share business posts directly. The social network also added new profile features, such as Creator Mode and video cover stories.

linkedin performance update record engagement

Apart from that, LinkedIn is reportedly creating its version of Clubhouse audio tools to boost user connection. And it revealed a new incentive program for its top creators to keep posting in the platform. 

LinkedIn is also developing ways to use its unparalleled information on professionals. It uses tools to connect users to jobs they fit in and educational opportunities

Based on the performance update, LinkedIn treads along the right path.

Once the world gets back on its feet and on track, economic activity will ramp up as early as the second half of the year. You can expect LinkedIn to reach new highs by that time.

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