LinkedIn adds “Teammates” to improve engagements at workplace

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Building relationship at work can be sometimes complicated—it takes a lot. As a matter of fact, a wrong step taken can affect productivity. If employees relate very well, the work environment will not only be conducive, it will also impact positively on productivity. Professional social network service LinkedIn wants employers and their employees to enjoy a smooth working relationship and is therefore adding a new feature called “Teammates.”

Teammates according to LinkedIn, is a new feature being added to your feed that will prioritize posts and comments from your colleagues [friends] at work. It sort of pushes those comments from your colleagues that you have developed friendship with to the top of your feed.

The new feature lets you quickly add your current teammates on LinkedIn. To get started, visit My Network, and look to the left panel where you will see the text “Add Teammates.” You will be able to specify your manager, peers and/or direct reports. After adding your teammates, LinkedIn will prioritize updates in your feed about your team’s activity on the platform. Activities such as posts, comments, likes, shares, and work anniversaries will be given more attention when they are posted by your teammates.


The feature is expected to roll out to users in the US in the coming months, while a global roll out is expected shortly afterwards. Teammates will be available both on mobile and desktop.

LinkedIn says Teammates is being added because 95 percent of working professionals believe that there is nothing bad in having friends at work. According to the Microsoft-owned company, “We see that our members are 60% more likely to like, comment, share, or message coworkers vs. other connections. That’s why we’ve been exploring ways to help you discover and have meaningful conversations with your coworkers on LinkedIn.”

Only a couple of days ago, LinkedIn responded to calls for more ways to respond to posts on its platform with “Reactions.” Reactions, according to the Microsoft-owned company, will allow you to be more expressive when you come across any post that interest you. The company said it is doing this because its users want more ways other than “Like” to express how they feel about a post.

Reactions, according to Ciccy Chen Associate Product Manager at LinkedIn, will allow you to express yourself in more ways than one. Reactions to posts could come in different ways with the new update. In addition to the “Like” button, you will also be able to use the following:

  • Celebrate: To celebrate a milestone, or achievement when you get a new job or show of support to a colleague or friend.
  • Love: As the name suggests, can be used to express deep likeness of a post or support during a conversation.
  • Insightful: Can be useful when you want to recognize an interesting idea.
  • Curious: This allows you to express a desire to know more about a post or react to a thought-provoking topic or idea.

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Author: Ola Ric

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