What LinkedIn Is Actually Good For [Infographic]

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Is the social network LinkedIn only good as your online resume?

We here at Social Barrel do not think so and so do the people at holeymoleyjobs.

According to the job site, there’s more to LinkedIn being an online resume, even without all the fluff.

The infographic below lists three things that LinkedIn is good for. These are: helping you to be found,  research, and making connections.

How does LinkedIn help you to be found? According to this, recruiters often head-hunt directly through LinkedIn.”


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“Having a profile can help make sure you are found,” the infographic adds. Furthermore, LinkedIn also lets its users see those who viewed their profiles so one can get a sense of what companies or organizations are interested in them.

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You may also see how and how often your name crops up in searches and then tweak your profile so that your profile comes up more often. Think of it as LinkedIn optimization.

According to this, roughly 1 in 4 companies in the U.K. use social networks for recruitment and almost all (98 percent) of these recruiters will use LinkedIn. LinkedIn has 11 million members in the U.K. and over 200 million around the world.

Another thing that LinkedIn is great for is for research.

What kind of research is this? It’s searching for people, companies and inside industries.

“There’s no better place for direct insight into a company, industry or individual than LinkedIn. Whether you’re preparing for an interview, looking for tips in your field, or looking for someone’s interest to help establish rapport, LinkedIn can give you an ear on the ground,” the infographic notes.

“76.9 percent of members use LinkedIn for researching people and companies,” it adds.

An added benefit for using LinkedIn for these tasks is that since this social network is geared toward the professional world, people tend to be truthful and professional about the content and details they post to their profile.

The third point the infographic makes is for “Making connections”.

“Because it’s not just about what you know,” the infographic notes, and we could not agree more. Often, it’s also about who you know. A great network of people does wonders in the professional world.

Holeymoley suggests that you build relationships using LinkedIn with people you would normally struggle to meet in real life. “Plunder your connections’ connections and make yourself useful to people of influence.” There would always be a time when you can cash in a favor you did for someone.

According to this, “LinkedIn is all about mutual benefits: provide insight, news and help to others and they might be able to offer you something valuable back.” That is, a job.

Learn other tidbits shared in the infographic below.

LinkedIn tips, infographic,

Infographic from holeymoley.

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