LinkedIn now with 630M+ members, updates job search tools

While Facebook’s Instagram is relishing the hype surrounding social media, Microsoft’s LinkedIn is riding on its own wave of success. And it is adding new features and options to keep its users engaged and cater to their demands.

“The LinkedIn community has never been stronger, with 630M+ members and record levels of engagement (up 24% year over year). We’ve grown from 300,000 to 20 million job postings in the past five years, with members applying to 25 million jobs every week and a new hire made every 8 seconds using LinkedIn,” says LinkedIn.

The social network for professionals has quietly grown momentum and opening new opportunities for marketing campaigns.

LinkedIn has announced new changes to job listings and tools to cater to app users who regularly connect with people and companies on the platform.

Redesigned Jobs Home

LinkedIn has refurbished the home section of Jobs to streamline usage.

“The redesigned jobs homepage streamlines LinkedIn Jobs into a single search and scrolling model making it easier to find, review and apply the jobs that are right for you. Need to break from your search? We’ll now automatically save your search and you can dive right back in with a single click or tap on Jobs home,” says LinkedIn.

The new Jobs listing is tidier and more focused on its promoted roles. And it’s easier to scan for opportunities than ever before.

linkedin jobs home



Instant Job Alerts

LinkedIn has revamped job alerts so members can keep receiving relevant, timely notifications for new job offers within their criteria.

LinkedIn says job seekers who are among the first 25 applicants have thrice the probability to land the job than those who follow.

The new job alerts system aligns with your previously searched filters to match your standards.

Alerts adjust to your activity and skills and may be toggled anytime to optimize opportunities.

linkedin jobs alerts


Salary Insights for All

LinkedIn has rolled out its Salary Insights data to all members.

Salary Insights was only available to Premium members who submitted their salary info.

The option will now appear on all listings for roles in the Canada, the UK, and the US.

It gives you a glimpse on estimated salaries for advertised roles.

linkedin salary insights

Skill Assessments

This new feature lets you take relevant quizzes and surveys to show your understanding and suitability for advertised job functions.

linkedin skill assessments


Updated Recruiter Tools

LinkedIn will streamline its recruitment tools into a unified platform to align to recruiters’ needs and usage.

The social network will also add advanced machine-based tools to improve its matching of relevant candidates to advertised roles.

linkedin smarter candidate


Screening Questions

LinkedIn will add a Screening Questions option for recruiters to zero in on the applicant field with yes/no questions based on the job requirements.

linkedin screening questions


Messaging History

LinkedIn will add messaging history so recruiters can view full discussion logs between their company and the candidate.

The feature has an option to group message up to 25 candidates and inform them of their unsuccessful application.

Learn more about the LinkedIn’s updated recruitment systems here.

You may want to join the company’s series of webinars on the updates starting next month.

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