Line Spots Up For Sale As iPhone 4S Sale Begins – Report

As Apple started selling its iPhone 4S by Friday, spots in lines queuing for the newest smartphone from Cupertino have also began to be sold, a report from Digital Trends says.

Profiteers are looking to make money with the release of the iPhone 4S with some selling their spots on the queue for the next-generation device. Image: brownpau / Flickr (CC)

The report then further details a few examples of where and for how much spots in iPhone 4S lines in Apple stores around the U.S. are going for.

For example, according to the report, spots for among the 20 first people in line at the Apple Store in Sherman Oaks are being sold for $250 each.

And that’s not all, people here are “willing to accept a combination of cash and gift cards,” the report adds.

There are other Apple stores which have people selling spots for the iPhone 4S queue.

“At the Apple store in downtown Chicago, the first spot in line is being sold for $500 after Apple gave out VIP passes when the Chicago police forbid standing in line overnight,” the publication writes.

Other stores having people selling their line spots for the iPhone 4S release are the SoHo Apple store which has its fifth spot on the line going for $700.

PCMag writes, Digital Trends says, that a Staten Island store has a man in the first spot who was asking for a minimum of $300 for hi spot.

What’s even more surprising is that people are also willing to stand in line for a fee for every hour. At the Century City Apple store, the report notes, going rates are at $20 per hour.

Those who want to hire someone to lineup for the iPhone 4S in Glendale will have to pay a flat $300, however, the report notes.

Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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