LINE Reaches 300 Million Registered Users

LINE has gained 100 million more users in just four months and is set to reach the 500 million mark next year.

According to LINE Corp, the company behind the free, multi-platform call and messaging app, its software has passed the 300 million mark for registered users across the world.

In the span of about two and a half years since its launch in June 2011, LINE has caught the attention of mobile and desktop users and gained traction as a leading communication app through its voice and video calls, largely driven by its large set of free messaging stickers.

Other than its strong presence in East Asia, LINE has shown steady progress in Mexico, Spain, Latin America, and other Spanish-speaking countries.

LINE said most of its current efforts focus on piling up users in India, Turkey, France, Germany, Italy, and countries in Western Europe through customized promos and signing partnership deals with local mobile network operators and mobile device makers.

The company has ramped up its campaign in India – one of the fastest growing mobile device markets –with customized content and stickers that feature Indian celebrities who use LINE to reach 10 million users in three months since it entered the local market.

In addition, the rate of registration has increased exponentially during recent months. Even though it took 19 months for LINE to pass the 100 million mark for registered users, the 200 million mark was achieved in six months and the 300 million mark in four months. If this trend continues, provided that other factors will not come to play, LINE will pass the 400 million mark in two months and the 500 million mark in the succeeding month – all of this happening in the first half of 2014.

Akira Morikawa, CEO of LINE Corporation, said that the company reached its target of 300 million registered users for 2013 in just a short time after passing the 100 million mark in January of the same year.

Morikawa believes LINE will continue to make a mark in communications services as the global market shifts toward smartphones and tablets, especially with the app’s animated stickers, free voice and video calls, and mobile gaming services.

“Ultimately, this is what sets LINE apart from other simple communication tools that merely function as text messengers,” he added.

In a rather daring statement, Morikawa said that LINE aims to become the world’s top communication service.

To celebrate the first year anniversary of its gaming platform LINE GAME, the company announced that its total amount of global downloads across all LINE GAMEs have passed the 220 million mark.

LINE Corp is a Japan-based company with services currently in use in 230 countries, and it ranks first in the free app category of app stores in more than 60 countries.

LINE stickers

LINE stickers

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