LG Vibrating Speakers: Are They an Alternative to Traditional Car Audio?

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They can be the ultra-thin alternative to your traditional car audio. 


LG Vibrating Speakers 

LG is known for its display panel technologies. They are being used by various companies in the tech industry. Recently, it announced that it will make vibrating speakers made for cars. They will be released in the first half of 2023. 

No Bulky Parts 

The speakers are ultra-thin. They have similar dimensions as your passport. In that case, they lack the bulkier parts of the traditional car speakers. They don’t use a magnet or a voice coil. They also don’t require a speaker grille. 

What they do have is a technology known as film-type exciter. This causes vibration off display panels and some materials in the car to create 3D sound. The effect is as good as what any traditional car speaker can produce.

Installing a sound system in your car that offers decent audio can take up significant space in your interior. This is especially true if you want to use a multi-speaker system. 

With LG Display’s slim, light alternative, you get immersive listening inside your car from the small vibrating flat panels. 

The company has collaborated with a global audio company to produce cutting-edge technology that can provide users with a next-level sound experience in their cars. 

The system could be built into a headliner, pillar, and dashboard. No matter where it is installed, it promises to deliver high-quality audio throughout the interior. 

It doesn’t use neodymium and other rare-earth elements. With its size, it frees up space in your car. The automakers will just use the space for other things to make a cleaner aesthetic. 

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until 2023 for this technology to become a reality. Because it’s not yet available, we don’t know yet which car makers will install the technology in their automobiles. 

Or car owners may have the option to replace their audio system with the said technology. Investing in this new system will significantly improve the stereo sound of your car. It may offer a sound quality that is as close to live music. 

If you choose to replace your car’s built-in audio system with this vibrating speaker, it will definitely increase the value of your auto. This is a unique selling point in your vehicle that makes it more appealing to potential buyers. It will make your car look modern. 

Of course, the audio system will be for naught if your car is not well-maintained. 

Vibrating Panel Speakers 

They are not mainstream yet. But they have been used before on TVs. In 2017, Sony introduced its Acoustic Surface OLED TVs. It garnered positive reviews. Then, this year, LG Display showed off its TV panel that uses a vibrating display panel to produce 5.1 channel sound. 

The LG Display vibrating speakers could offer car makers more options when it comes to speakers. However, we can’t be sure about the sound quality. And it is a huge question for potential drivers and partners.

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