Lenovo Announces Android Tablets That Can Work as a Portable Monitor

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One is a 13-inch Android tablet. 

Lenovo is one of the few companies that is still making Android tablets. Recently, it has introduced new Android tablets

One of the new tablets includes the HDMI port. The lineup includes Lenovo Yoga Tab 13, Tab 11, and Tab P11 Plus. 

It also announced a new Lenovo Smart Clock 2 that comes with a wireless charging station

Yoga Tab 13

It costs $679. It’s a global version of its Yoga Pad Pro, which was launched in China earlier this year. 

What’s fascinating about this tablet is that it can work as an external display for your laptop. It can also work as a portable monitor of another HDMI device or a Nintendo Switch. 

This tablet has a built-in Micro HDMI port and comes with an attached stainless steel stand. You can rotate it 180 degrees from the back of the tablet. You can opt to hang it from a wall or just let it stand. 

It can work with Precision Pen 2. In that case, you can take notes while it is propped up. It has an 8MP camera with a feature that can reduce background noise when you are having a video call. 

Its battery life isn’t too impressive, though. It can only last a maximum of 12 hours. 

Yoga 13 and other new tablets that Lenovo introduced support Google’s Entertainment Space. It lets you access books, games, and videos from different apps in one hub. Google has been building it for two years. It’s a significant change to any Android tablet. 

This tablet has four JBL speakers. Two of these speakers are built in the cylinder. It supports Dolby Atmos as well. The bottom audio chamber will give you up to 450Hz bass performance. 

It also supports WiFi 6 and comes with a USB-C charging port. It’s powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 870. 

With its dual mics, it can pick up your commands for Google Assistant. 

In addition to Yoga Tab 13, Lenovo also introduced Yoga Tab 22 that can also double as a handler. 

It comes with Dolby Vision and Atmos support that runs on a MediaTek Hello G90T octa-core processor. It comes with a maximum of 8 GB LPDDR4 RAM and it has massive 256GB storage. 

Lenovo Smart Clock 2

Besides the Android tablets, Lenovo also introduced the Google Assistant-led Smart Clock 2. It has Bluetooth connectivity with a 4-inch display. 

It comes with buttons that let you mute the mic or adjust its volume. It is covered in soft fabric. But it’s not like the Google smart displays because it can only accept a limited number of commands. 

This smart clock also lacks a camera. But it does have a fast-charging wireless charging dock.

The Android tablets aren’t available yet. You can get them starting in July. If you’re too keen to obtain the Yoga Tab 13, be ready to shell out at least $680. The Tab 11 is a cheaper option as it starts at $320.

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