Lenovo’s Under-$500 LePad Tablet May Launch by June

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Long Zheng / Flickr / (CC BY-NC-SA)

Another iPad competitor will be launched by June in the form of the Lenovo LePad, according to a report by PC World.

However, the tablet which Lenovo claims will be sold for less than $500, will  launch by March in the Chinese market, a spokesperson from the Chinese PC-maker told PC World.

According to Time’s Techland, the LePad will likely be sold under another name when it arrives in the US.

The tablet, first unveiled in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month as part of a package, was then running on Google-developed Android 2.2 mobile operating system (Froyo) and was powered by a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

The tablet with a 10.1 inch screen was part of a dock which looked like a  laptop where it could be attached to make a netbook-like device.

Techland reports that the June launch will likely be a worldwide launch but PC World says that Lenovo told them that the launch of the LePad will be in “targeted markets” only.

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Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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