Kim Kardashian West to temporarily freeze her Facebook and Instagram accounts over misinformation


Kim Kardashian West has expressed her dissatisfaction at the way hate speech on Facebook and Instagram is being handled. The popular influencer who boasts of millions of followers on the two platforms announced via Twitter on Tuesday that she will freeze her Facebook and Instagram accounts for one day.

In her exact words, the popular reality TV start said he cannot “sit by and stay silent while these platforms continue to allow the spreading of hate, propaganda and misinformation.” She said the two platforms only react to hate speech after “people are killed.”

Calling on her fans to join her in the protest, Kim said it is difficult for her to sit by and stay silent while hate speech thrives on both platforms. Her decision to freeze her accounts is part of a planned week of action organized by Stop Hate for Profit, a coalition of whose interest is to hold social media companies like Facebook accountable for spread of hate speech on their platforms.

In a statement on its official page, Stop Hate for Profit urged people to post specific message online during the week of September 14. “These messages will be about the harms that Facebook is inflicting on our society and the importance of voting.”

“These posts will include a 24-hour Instagram “Freeze” on September 16th in which everyone involved will refrain from posting on Instagram for that day. The Week of Action will end on September 18th, with a call to urge people to vote and demand that Facebook stop undermining our democracy.”

Three years ago, Facebook announced that you can no longer earn money from posting certain categories or classes of content on Facebook. Rolling out new guidelines for earning money on its platform, the social media said publishers will no longer be able to monetize hate, porn, violence and drugs.

For clarity, Facebook announced that content that depicts threats or acts of violence against people or animals, where this is the focal point and is not presented with additional context. Examples includes content featuring fights, gore, beatings of either animals or people, or excessively graphic violence in the course of video gameplay.

Content that is incendiary, inflammatory, demeaning or disparages people, groups, or causes is not eligible for ads. Content that features or promotes issues attacks on people or groups is generally not eligible for ads, even if in the context of news or awareness purposes.

However, events since that announcement have proven that Facebook and Instagram still have a lot of work to do. Apparently, Kim is calling for stiffer actions including being proactive to deal with hate speech and misinformation on the social media.

Author: Ola Ric

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