Jack Dorsey sells his first tweet as an NFT

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Image Credit: Twitter

Sina Estavi’s bid has been announced as the winner of the first ever tweet posted by Jack Dorsey on Twitter. With this, Jack Dorsey has now sold his first tweet as an NFT for the sum of $2,915,835.47, which seems odd.

Sina had held the high bid since first offering $2.5 million since March 6, finally raised his bid at the last minute. Recall that Dorsey had put up his first tweet for digital auction as an NFT, also called non-fungible token on March 5th. 

The Twitter CEO had previously announced that the proceeds from the bid would be converted into Bitcoin and donated to GiveDirectly for its Africa Response. On Monday, Dorsey tweeted the receipt, confirming the end of the bid and his earlier promise to donate it to charity.

Records indicated that Dorsey’s tweet was first listed for sale last December, but did not gain enough attention until he tweeted a link to it last earlier in March. Since the link was tweeted, the tweet had since been shared thousands of times.

No sooner had the links gone out, bids had reached in excess of $88,000, and went as high as $2 million by the end of the week. 

Still on Twitter; this time, a new feature being tested, the microblogging platform is reportedly planning to bring audio chat feature Spaces to the web. This could mean more worries for Clubhouse, and lots to look forward to for users. While Clubhouse has enjoyed some unusual growth in the last few months as a pioneer of an audio chat platform, the app now has a lot of work to do to ward off competition.

Per Social Media Today, the microblogging platform could soon add a desktop version of the feature that will make Spaces even more appealing to broadcasters; podcasters in particular. The format for the web version has more rooms to display the users within a Space. This is made possible by a simple prompt to join the Space from their PC.

For starters, getting a microphone is no longer a basic requirement when you want to record a podcast since everything you need is on your desktop. So, for those running on a limited budget, a web version for Spaces is a no brainer. Although Spaces is still in limited beta on Android, a wider rollout is expected anytime soon; and that could very much be a game changer for Twitter.

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Author: Ola Ric

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