It Gets Better Project releases new content for LGBTQ+ youth

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The It Gets Better Project has released a new digital content series called Queer Sex Ed. It is a five-part, longform video series that highlights important conversations about sexual health.

The project aims to talk about topics not discussed in schools due to restrictive sex education policies. These are also often suppressed by social media platforms and search engines.

The US only has 17 states with medically-accurate, age-appropriate sex education. Queer Sex Ed provides sex education to queer youth who lack access to this necessary and potentially life-saving information.

Queer Sex Ed features real people having candid conversations about the often embarrassing and misleading sex-ed misconceptions they had as kids.

It also talks about their real-life experiences and learnings as sexually-active adults. And it even includes discussions with professional sex educators who provide context to the topics being discussed.

The sex educators featured within the series are sexologist Dr. Lexx Brown-James and sexuality educator Melina Gaze.

“This new series is a bold and intimate look into how folks within our community first learned about sex and dives into conversations that we normally have amongst our friend groups in private,” said Eboni Munn, It Gets Better Project’s Director, Brand Marketing, Content & Creative.

“What makes Queer Sex Ed so special is that it provides an in-depth look into the conversations happening in our living rooms or at our kitchen tables with close friends and it leaves takeways for our viewers to ask questions and/or reignite conversations within their own circles.”

“Queerness is painstakingly missing from curricula in schools. Projects like It Gets Better Queer Sex Ed look to stand in the gap,” said Dr. Lexx.

Queer Sex Ed brings together friends of various social groups, body sizes, identities and relationship statuses to have conversations about navigating life. I worked alongside another sexuality professional, Melina Gaze, to help frame the conversation by adding facts, discerning when something is fiction and supporting the queer narrative from mental health and global perspectives.”


To further amplify the series, the It Gets Better Project has partnered with Gen-Z focused LGBTQ media outlet INTO (Q Digital) and queer social network Hornet.

The series will be published on and the It Gets Better Project’s YouTube channel with additional content promoting the series available on the It Gets Better Project’s TikTok and Instagram.

As with all the It Gets Better Project’s original series, Queer Sex Ed will be accompanied by a free for download EDUGuide companion to better allow educators to present the series wherever learning takes place.

“In today’s political climate, it’s hard enough for queer and trans teens and young adults to find the education they need,” said INTO Editor Henry Giardina.

“The It Gets Better Project is helping the next generation of activists become and stay informed about their own health, needs, and histories.”

Read more about the Queer Sex Ed and the It Gets Better Project’s work here.

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Author: Francis Rey

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