Is Wix an SEO-Friendly Website Builder?  

Is Wix an SEO-Friendly Website Builder?  

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There are a multitude of website builders around but very few of those builders provide cost effective, and at the same time, user & SEO friendly website solutions.  is one of those few builders that aim to make it easy for non-geek users to build simple yet effective websites. Many of the reputable sites out there are using Wix. That’s why it’s an ideal choice for entrepreneurs who need ultimate freedom in designing their site.

But Wix isn’t all about giving you the freedom to create your own site the way you want it to by injecting your personality with professional quality. Rather, it’s also about making your site SEO-friendly. As we all know, SEO is a vital part of your marketing success. It’s the key that helps you pull in prospects and boost the conversions.

Because it’s crucial for your marketing, Wix makes sure that you’ll not only build an excellent site using its tools but it ensures that your site can be viewed by thousands of prospects and ideal clients. With , your site will appeal to the right audience and be seen by a broad segment, thereby, getting you qualified leads and converting them into spending customers.

That said, having your site built using Wix platform will increase your online presence and hence help you compete more efficiently. As a strategic move, Wix shifted its focus to provide its users SEO-friendly HTML-based templates so as to help website owners generate more leads and attract new partners/investors/customers. Wix’s SEO friendly website design has been reviewed by many independent website experts. Recently, CMS Critic, a leading publisher of unbiased reviews on CMS (Content Management System), reviewed ‘SEO friendly’ capabilities of the platform– check out their Wix SEO review here.

Let’s review some critical parameters of a SEO friendly website builder and Wix fares on those parameters.


One of the factors of making your site found and ranked by search engines is to make it completely accessible. If not, it’ll affect ranking and conversion rates. Sites built with Wix are viewable and compatible with all browsers.

Easy to navigate and crawl by Googlebot

Is Wix an SEO-Friendly Website Builder?  

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Wix is straightforward and intuitive. It offers drag and drop elements that let you design an easy to navigate website, which is vital for SEO. Navigation structure is significant for Google and your visitors so they can easily follow the flow of your site. You can also use text as links to keep your menu items manageable. It’ll also avoid overwhelming your visitors with unnecessary details.

As regards to web crawlers, you may have heard about Internet marketers stating that WordPress has cleaner code than drag and drop website builders, like Wix, making it easier for Google bots to crawl Wordpress-based content.

But Google pointed out that it doesn’t have problems in understanding sites built with such website builders. It might have been the case before. However, Googlebot can crawl almost all pages now. Since Googlebot can render Wix sites correctly, your site built with this site builder will be fine for SEO purposes.

Sites built with Wix platform use HTML5 and AJAX technology. Based on Gary Illyes confirmation that Google doesn’t prefer sites created by static HTML or AJAX, Wix technology is completely understood and recognized by the search engine giant. In other words, Google doesn’t rank sites on what platform you use. Furthermore, drag-and-drop site builders, like Wix, offer SEO functionalities that Google can understand.

Actionable SEO Recommendations

Wix has SEO wizard that offers actionable inputs and practical recommendations to fine-tune the content of your site for SEO purposes. When you follow its recommendations, your site will have wider online visibility.

Apart from that, Wix can generate a site map for your site. Then, you can submit it to search engines. It also gives you control of what pages you wish to remain visible and which shouldn’t.

Tags and Other Attributes

Is Wix a SEO friendly website builder?

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The search engine features of Wix will prepare your site for the search engine ranking battles. But these features are easy to manage and organize. Since meta tags and descriptions are considered crucial for SEO, Wix lets you add tags quickly and easily. It also generates a robot.txt file, making it easy for search engines to leave out any restricted content on your site. The no index tags will have the same purpose as it can help you have control on your content’s visibility.

Mobile Site

Mobile optimized sites are a necessity if you’re running your business online, this is why it’s so strongly recommended by Google. Luckily, with Wix a mobile site is automatically created once you’ve created your own website with Wix, so you don’t need to worry about any of that. In fact, the search engine giant announced that sites that aren’t mobile-friendly would be punished.

Social Integration

Experts have evidence that Google is using social signals as part of its ranking factor. Even though Google doesn’t confirm it, we can’t deny the fact the indirect benefits of social media. With social media sharing, your content will be found on the web, and it’ll get in front of hundreds to thousands of people. As a result, it gains more mentions or links causing an increase in your search engine ranking.

And Wix recognizes it, so it now allows you to integrate your social media profiles to your Wix-powered website.


Wix offers powerful SEO tools to boost your site’s visibility and search engine ranking. However, as we all agree, effective SEO doesn’t rely solely on site builders, it still depends to a great extent on your own SEO efforts!

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