Is It Possible to Build Links Without Guest Posting?

But why bother getting backlinks? 

Is It Possible to Build Links Without Guest Posting

Getting high-quality backlinks is your way to improve your organic ranking. They can signal to search engines that your site is an authority on the subject. Links can also help in increasing traffic to your site from the referral sites. If your site is featured on authoritative websites, the search engines will consider the links as an endorsement. 

Unfortunately, it’s a pain to get backlinks from authoritative sites. 

Guest posting is the most popular way to get backlinks. You need to ask the website owners by emailing them to accept your guest post. Out of 20 requests you sent out, only two or three would respond. 

Others will ignore you. Sad but true. 

How About Social media Links? 

According to Moz, they count as backlinks. However, they don’t have an impact on your ranking that other links do. 

What Can You Do Instead? 

According to Income School on YouTube, it’s still possible to get high-quality links without building links or without guest posting. 

One way to do that is to create content that no one or only a few bloggers have written it. This leads to keyword research. 

But Income School doesn’t recommend the use of keyword research tools, like aHrefs and SEMrush. Instead, they choose to use Google Autosuggest and Google’s keyword tool inside Google Adwords. 

It takes time to find a unique topic in your niche. But with proper research, it’s doable. 

For instance, you can write about how to ride a bike with a high seat. If you search on Google, only a few sites tackle this topic. So that’s a good thing. 

Once you find that unique topic, you can start writing an in-depth article about it. Experts recommend writing at least 1,500 words, as long-form content performs well. But don’t insert non-sensical words just to reach that number. 

Income School recommends creating your own statistics. It means that you do your own research. Then again, in most cases, it requires reaching out to other people, emailing them, or calling them to know some facts. You’ll be doing what real journalists will do. 

This will help you create unique content. 

Or you can just get information from various online sources and summarize them into one post. 

Another trick is to just use Brian Dean’s Skyscraper’s Technique. That is, you find an existing post in your niche from other sites and make it better. For example, if one blog talks about 10 unique gift ideas for cyclists, you can write 20 unique gifts for experienced cyclists. 

The point is just to write a unique post that offers real value to your audience. Experts said that if you know your audience well, you know the kind of posts that excite them. 

Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done. That’s why most website owners opt for paid ads to get traffic. They also consider affiliate marketing to get backlinks. 

Wrapping Up

Getting backlinks these days can be quite difficult because of Google’s updated algorithm. Still, if you can commit to a few hours each day to create unique content and reaching out to the experts in your field, then getting backlinks without guest posting is possible. It’s just that the links will come slowly but steadily. 

How about you? What tricks do you follow to get backlinks without guest posting?

Author: Jane Danes

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