Is Email Marketing Still Relevant in 2020

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Email marketing is still a relevant tool in 2020. However, you must use it creatively. Else, your email will get buried in the inbox. Keep in mind that an average user receives 126 emails each day

Is Email Marketing Still Relevant in 2020

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With that in mind, it can be challenging to reach out to your audience with email marketing. Despite that, most marketers are still using it and getting the most ROI from this tool. 

One of the reasons is that most customers want a brand to provide them with information through email. 

Furthermore, consumers said that their purchase decisions are determined by marketing emails they received. 

Then, 49% of users are saying that they want to receive promos through email from their favorite brands. 

So, how can you leverage this tool to help you drive more sales? 

How to Use Email Marketing in 2020

Send Personalized Campaign

To reach your audience in 2020 through email marketing, you need to personalize your email campaign. 

One thing to do here is to remember the recipient’s name. You need to use a segmented email to generate revenue. 

Hyper-personalized email can reduce cart abandonment while increasing sales. By using the right message, it is easier to remind visitors about their intention when they visited your site. 

Take Advantage of User-Generated Content

It is a form of content created by the end-user. It drives real-time engagement. Motivating your consumers to contribute content through email can improve conversion. 

Most consumers now consider user-generated content to be valuable. The majority of consumers are also reading reviews and feedback before they purchase a product. Encourage your customers to leave a comment and ask them if you could use their feedback on your email or website. 

However, before you ask for user-generated feedback, make sure the user has experienced your product first. 

Combine Responsiveness and Interactivity 

More and more users will check their emails through their mobile devices. Thus, you must stay current by using a multi-device approach. 

To include interactivity in your email, you can add some animated buttons and CTA. You may also consider rollover effects to promote your product offers. Then, make sure to add surveys, user-generated content, and polls. 

Use Video Content 

Video content is gaining popularity. People like to watch videos online. For the majority of consumers, video is a favorite type of content. 

Product videos are also useful to help your consumers in making a final decision. When you choose video content, you can easily show off your product and explain how to use it to your audience. 

With that in mind, make sure that you include video content in your email marketing strategy. Motion graphics can be a good thing to showcase your products. 

Use Storytelling

Modern consumers want to see the people behind a brand. Thus, you must consider humanizing your brand by showcasing your staff. 

Brand storytelling can create a bond between you and your subscribers. It also helps in building brand authenticity. 


Email Marketing in 2020 will still be popular. However, you must use it differently to stand out. You may use some of the ideas above to help you get started.

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