iPhone 8 bezel-less design was leaked once again

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The upcoming iPhone 8 has an all-screen design and the latest leak confirms it

iPhone 8

Source: https://9to5mac.com/2017/08/07/latest-third-party-case-leak-further-corroborates-iphone-8-design/


The release date of IPhone 8 is coming. And Apple has released – not intentionally – most of the phone’s aspects. We all knew that it will feature an all-screen display, but the latest leak for Evan Blass confirms it with a render that involves iPhone 8 and a third-party phone case, which is available for the iPhone 7. It is possibly the best render we have seen of the phone and it confirms that Apple’s leak was not a hoax.

But, this is not the first leak we have seen from Apple regarding the iPhone 8. When the California-based company put a secret code online developers spent many hours trying to figure out of there is a hidden reference about the new phone. And they stroke gold. Also, the leak was not referring to the iPhone – it was about HomePod- still it was a secret version of the operating system, that was not meant to be given to the public.

Beside the mysterious leaks there are some things that are certain. One of them is that this time Apple will redesign the phone, but we don’t know if it will resemble the previous models.
And if the render is accurate then the legendary home button will be gone for good. Of course this means that you will might have to find another way to unlock your phone, like a fingerprint scanner. Also, it is unclear what will happen to the Touch ID.


iPhone 8

Source: https://www.macrumors.com/2017/05/06/touch-id-back-of-iphone-8-rumor/


Also through the leak Apple confirms that the new phone will use facial recognition. This technology requires some kind of special hardware, like an infrared camera so the camera can capture features in the dark. In addition it needs a special software that will learn what people look like and make sure that only the phone’s owner will have access.

Now, there is also an information about the number of models. It looks like there are going to be three phones. Many suggest that two of them will be called iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. The other one is more commonly known as iPhone 8, but there are some other suggestions like iPhone Pro. If you ask me i believe that Apple will choose the name iPhone 8.

As for the price we expect Apple to raise up the price, considering that the design is different and it will have many new features. But, the price is one of the things that we don’t have a certain answer. But, rumor has it that it will reach the price of $1,400. So, if you want the top model you will have to pay a lot.

If you are wondering when the phone will be released we speculate that September is the most likely month. Of course we have to wait for an official announcement by Apple to find out pre-orders and availability.

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