iPhone 17 Pro to have screen-integrated Face ID, says analyst

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The iPhone 17 Pro will be the first iPhone model to include Face ID technology underneath the display, claims display analyst Ross Young, who focuses on screen technologies.

Certain smartphone makers, including ZTE and Oppo, already provide this technology. Also, Samsung has incorporated it into the Galaxy Z Fold 3 model.

Nevertheless, as Apple intends to keep the Dynamic Island up until then, you’ll have to wait until 2027 to see the iPhone 17 Pro in its genuinely “all-screen” configuration.

The front camera and other sensors are in the Dynamic Island area on the iPhone’s display. According to a roadmap posted by Ross Young on Twitter, the front camera will have a circular cutout until the iPhone “Pro” models of 2027. It will integrate with the under-screen Face ID system.

It’s important to note that this forecast deviates from Ross Young’s original roadmap released in May 2022. He projected that the first iPhone 16 Pro models to benefit from Face ID technology underneath the screen would be in 2024.

Young said last month that “sensor difficulties” were to blame for the delay. Due to this modification, the two screen cutouts that currently comprise the Dynamic Island will reportedly not alter for three successive iterations of the iPhone “Pro.”

Ross Young also claimed that ProMotion, which has a faster refresh rate, will arrive on the normal iPhone 17 models. It is presently available only on Apple Pro devices.

Recent years have witnessed considerable breakthroughs in under-display camera technology, leading to ever-sleeker display designs. This technique still has some drawbacks, though.

The visual quality of the screen may be due to artifacts depending on the ambient light. Moreover, the front cameras hidden beneath the screen frequently operate below expectations. This is a lesser level of image quality than conventional cameras.

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