Rumor: iPhone 13 Will Have an Always-on Display

It might also include enhanced ultra-wide cameras. Would you want it?

It feels like it was only yesterday that people talked about iPhone 12 and its potential features. Now, rumors about the 2021 iPhone are quickly getting attention. 

iPhone 13 and Its Always-On Display 

The next iPhone will arrive over 6 months from now. Because of the work from home setup at Apple, it’s difficult for the company to prevent leaks on its upcoming iPhone lineup. 

Then again, Apple isn’t that stupid to show leaks. 

EverythingApplePro shared the next-generation iPhone leaks. 

On the YouTube video, the channel stated that one of the most intriguing upcoming features of the iPhone is an always-on display. 

How is it possible without draining your battery? 

It will use the LTPO technology allowing the device to have an always-on display. It’s the same as the technology used in Apple Watch. 

The channel reported that the iPhone display will mimic the lock screen. It can deliver information without any input from the user. 

However, the battery and clock will be visible consistently. Any new notification will appear momentarily. 

But will the always-on display be useful? 

Well, it may be beneficial so you will know if you have missed a notification on your device. You can see your battery level, weather, and upcoming events at a glance. 

With an always-on-display, you will know these details without unlocking or launching an app. 

However, it’s just a rumor.

The video also said that the overall design will be minimal. The matte black will be refined so that the user can easily grip it. The YouTuber said that it’ll be more comfortable to touch and hold, like the Pixel series. 

Another feature that iPhone enthusiasts can expect from the 2021 iPhone is the refresh rate of 120Hz. It’s the same as the iPad Pro.

Wide Lens Camera 

The video claims that the new lineup will have improved ultra-wide leans. It’ll be of lower quality than the two lenses. 

However, the company is reportedly working to enhance it. 

iPhone 13 will also support Portrait Mode video. The video says that Apple has been working on it for quite a while. 

Then, the upcoming iPhone will have strong magnets for the MagSafe technology. Apple warned earlier that those who are wearing life-saving medical devices must not put their iPhone 12 close to their chest because of the magnets.  

The iPhone 13 will also feature astrophotography. That is, if you point it up at the sky, it switches to this mode as soon as it detects the moon and stars. 

Other Details

The video also detailed when Apple will finally release AirTags. They are coming in April. 

As regards to Apple Watch Series 7, it won’t have support for glucose monitoring. 

These features are just rumors. Only 2% of these rumors are likely true. We wouldn’t know that until Apple will show it in September. 

For now, people are hoping that Apple will significantly improve its camera especially in tackling low light. They also want a more powerful 5G antenna.

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