iOS 16 May Include Always-on Display Feature

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It’s one of the enhancements that Apple might announce at WWDC 2022. 

iOS 16 Always-on Display Feature 

Apple will be introducing iOS 16 at the WWDC 2022. And it’s likely that it’s going to upgrade iOS devices’ lock screen, messaging, and health features. 

The yearly Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is just a week away. Apple typically uses this event to summarize its software strategy for the upcoming year. 

Many are guessing that Apple will be going to present the next mobile operating system, which is the iOS 16. Its codename is Sydney and it may get a significant upgrade. It means that it will have a chock full of enhancements across the OS. 

As mentioned, the makeover may include the lock screen. The company has been planning to introduce major enhancements to the lock screen. And it may include wallpapers with widget-like capabilities and an always-on lock screen. 

The said feature was planned for iPhone 13, originally. With this feature, the iPhone will turn off the frame rate on the lock screen and display information. It’s similar to the latest Apple Watches. 

However, it may be an exclusive feature to iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models.

In addition to the always-on mode, the iPhone 14 Pro may also feature a front-facing camera and Face ID cutout. It may also have an A16 chip with a 48MP back camera. 

Why iPhones Don’t Have Always-on Display Feature Yet? 

This feature will give you important information without the need to interact with your phone. But why iPhones don’t have it yet? One reason can be a huge hit on battery life. The phone will have to power the pixels, CPU, and GPU. It can be an additional power drain. You may choose not to use it. If you do enable it, it may shorten the phone’s battery life. 

Another reason is that iPhone has a raise-to-wake feature that can give you information an always-on display would offer. 

More Features Coming 

iOS 16 may also introduce several changes to multitasking and windowing features. Some reports said that the company is building support into a web browsing framework. 

The iOS isn’t the only one that’s getting a major upgrade. The TV operating system of the iPhone maker will also get smart-home tie-ins. 

The Mac may receive redesigned apps. It may also overhaul System Preferences to ensure that they are aligned with the Settings on iOS. 

The Health app may also be getting some huge upgrades. However, it may not expand to the iPad and MAC. But it will have new features that can work with the Apple Watch and iPhone. 

The company is also improving watchOS which can improve the day-to-day operation and navigation. 

Furthermore, we can expect that Apple will add new features within Messages that are similar to the features on social networks. 

Apple will reveal them all on June 16 when the WWDC 2022 kicks off. Many iPhone enthusiasts are looking forward to Apple’s upcoming iOS 16 and the always-on display feature.

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