iOS 14.5 Adds a Feature to Allow Users to Unlock iPhone or iPad Even When Wearing a Mask

It’s not yet available as it’s still in beta mode. But what kind of feature is it? Read on to find out more. 

Wearing a mask these days is mandatory when you’re in public places. It’s a must to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and prevent yourself from getting the disease. 

Unfortunately, wearing a mask can be prohibitive. If you enable Face ID, then you can’t easily unlock your iPhone or iPad with your mask on. 

Face ID is a useful tool and it also accurately recognizes you. 

However, if half of your face is covered, then good luck unlocking your iDevice with Face ID enabled. 

Enter iOS 14.5 

Apple might have heard this issue from its many users. And it’s now offering a fix. However, you can’t download it now. It’s still in beta mode. It just released iOS 14.4 to fix some security bugs

The iOS 14.5 fixes the said issue. It debuted in the developer channel and will be available soon. 

But there’s a catch in this new feature. 

The soon-to-be-released iOS will let you unlock your iPhone or iPad using Face ID even when you’re wearing a mask. But you need to wear an Apple Watch. 

The feature is similar to the Auto Unlock on Mac. That is, Apple Watch will send you an authentication approval to your iPhone when it recognizes that you’re wearing a mask. You can unlock your iDevice without entering your passcode. 

You need to swipe it up to see the message “Unlocking with Apple Watch.” Once it’s done your iDevice will unlock as normal. The two devices must be close enough for this feature to work. 

Although it’s a useful feature for iDevice owners who find it difficult to unlock their iPhone or iPad with their masks on, it can’t be used for purchases or passwords. 

For added security, you need to enter your passcode every few hours. You must also enable this option manually by going to Settings and tapping Face ID and Passcode on your iPhone. 

Because it necessitates an Apple Watch for this feature to work, it’s another reason for you to buy an Apple Watch. But you need the latest version, though. If you have the old model, it might not be compatible with iOS 14.5. 

Still, the new Apple Watch offers tons of features that you can’t find in any smartwatches. 

Support for Xbox Series and Playstation 5

In addition to such a feature, the iOS 14.5 will support Xbox Series S/X and Playstation 5 controllers to iDevices. It also expands compatibility for on-demand Fitness+ workouts. 

After installing the update, you can stream the audio and video workouts from the Fitness app to third-party devices as long as they are AirPlay 2-compatible. 

This upcoming update will fully implement the Tracking Transparency of Apple. That is, app developers will have to ask for user’s consent before they can collect their data. 

As mentioned earlier, the iOS 14.5 isn’t available yet because it’s still in beta mode. But if you wish to try it now you can do so by signing in to Apple Developer. Since it’s still in beta, expect it to be buggy.

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