Internet Concerns – 64% of Brits worried about intrusion in their lives

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Mobile phones and tablets, as well as the internet now play an integral part in our lives; an online voucher code website has investigated how people feel about this kind of technology. They can reveal, 64% of Brits are worried about the intrusion into their lives when online and personal data being shared, however 54% stated they could not live without this kind of technology.

We now use internet based electronic devices such as laptops, smart phones, and tablets on a daily basis to manage our professional and personal lives. Because of this all pervasive ‘internet’ usage, an online voucher code website looked into how people really feel about this technology and whether they like sharing so much of their lives online.

As part of their ongoing research into modern technology and the effects it has on our everyday lives, My Voucher Codes  surveyed 2,548 men and women aged over 18 in the UK. They asked them: Do you worry about the intrusion in your life from using the internet and third parties gaining information about you and spying on you? And they found:

  • Concerned – 64%
  • Don’t Care – 12%
  • Sometimes concerned – 24%

Women were more likely to be worried about the personal data being shared compared to men, and they were also more likely to be unsure about what to do, to keep safe online. Also those aged 45+ were more concerned about the intrusion into their lives than the younger generation, who in general were more likely not to care. Below were some of the comments recorded by the younger participants:

“I do not dwell on it but I limit my interaction with sites I suspect use my information or share it”

“I don’t worry but I do take steps when I can to prevent third parties gaining information for example usually ticking the box that requests no information be sent”

“I’m conscious of it but take reasonable care to protect myself so yes I care but it doesn’t burden me heavily”

Technology is a good thing

Despite concerns about intrusion into their lives, when surveyed, 54% of Brits said they wouldn’t know where they would be without technology such as mobile devices, apps, and the internet. They found that just 6% would like to go back to a simpler time, when this technology never existed. Whilst 40% said they can feel lost without the technology, however they too wished they could go back to a simpler time. Below is some of the interesting feedback provided by the participants regarding going back to a time where there was no internet technology:

“I love my tech but wish it would not intrude in being social”

“I’d rather have an amazing memory and no proof than a beautifully filtered photo while missing out on the action”

“It is great to have, but we would still exist without it”

Speaking about the extensive research, founder of MyVoucherCodes Mark Pearson said:

“It’s clear to see that most people could not live without the modern technology we now take for granted. Yes, it would be nice to go back to a time without mobile phones and the internet which some call as a ‘simpler time’; however, I don’t think the majority of people, would be able to cope. We have got so used to using this technology to make our lives easier; I think we would struggle to manage.”

He added:

“But despite the reliance on internet, we are still very cautious as to what information is gained from us when we are online and the intrusion into our private lives. Without realizing, we share so much personal data freely via social media, not to mention about the security details when shopping online. A lot of people are unaware of just how much information can be gleaned from their online activity which is indeed scary.  More worrying is the fact that there are the people who just don’t care what people have access to and don’t take online security seriously enough”.

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