Instagram’s TikTok clone “Reels” is now available in France and Germany


Brazil is no longer the place where Instagram’s TikTok clone “Reels” is being used—people in Germany and France now also have access to the feature. This could signal the growth of the feature, which has the potential to compete with TikTok if properly managed by the ephemeral picture sharing app.

Reels allows you to be creative—the same quality that has endeared millions of users to TikTok. With the feature, you can create and share your own videos with your followers. It gives you the opportunity to create record, edit and share 15-minute video called reels with your followers in your newsfeed or via Explore.

Shared reels are saved in a separate reel tab in your profile where any of your followers can easily locate them. From there also, you can see “Like” information as well as comments, and also find out how often your reels were played.

Reels which includes the most popular features of Instagram, also copies TikTok’s rich features. Instagram could easily cross-promote the feature to its of users; however, the app must retrain its users to create storyboarded social entertainment, rather than autobiographical social media.

For those in Brazil, France and Germany, Reels sits next to Boomerang. You can record videos and use the audio of another video or you can record with silence. Audio snippets will have their pages that display top videos.

The feature also comes with some editing tools, like timed captions. This tool will allow words to show up in some scenes. There is also a ghost overlay tool to line up transition. In that way, it will look fluid.

For now, the feature does not yet have video filters and special effects that you can find on TikTok. Those essential features are useful enough to help users in cutting between scenes. But Instagram promised that they are coming soon.

One of the issues people face while staying safe at home is how to take care of their mental health—it is a big issue; but Instagram is lending a helping hand in that direction. The Facebook-owned ephemeral picture sharing app last month launched a new way to get information and get people inspired.

You can see posts and videos that the creator has curated when viewing a Guide—and this comes along with helpful tips and advice. To learn more about a specific post, simply tap on the image or video to view their original Instagram post. You can also share a Guide to your story or in Direct by tapping on the share button in the upper right corner.

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