Instagram’s new Pi Day stickers celebrate women in STEM

Instagram has released new custom stickers to celebrate women in science, tech, engineering and maths (STEM) as part of Pi Day. Users can add these stickers to their Stories to participate in the event.

Designed by artist Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya, the Pi Day stickers underlines the many feats of women in STEM disciplines.

Instagram wants to emphasize the women working in these fields. It inspires users to follow these profiles to have a good grasp of their efforts to advance their individual areas.

instagram pi day sticker women


@astronautabbyofficial: Abigail Harrison dreams of becoming the first astronaut to Mars. In 2015, at the age of 18 years old, Abby founded The Mars Generation, a 501c3 nonprofit with the support of an advisory board of astronauts, engineers, scientists and her hundreds of thousands of online supporters, which aims to educate and excite kids and adults about space exploration and STEM education. 

@science.sam: Samantha Yammine is a science communicator and uses her Instagram as a way to discuss neuroscience topics with the public and further her research. She also coined the #ScientistsWhoSelfie hashtag, which spurred an online movement to challenge the stereotypical perception of what STEM professionals look like.

@estefanniegg: Estefannie’s feed is millennial sensibilities powered by computer science, featuring tech innovations she’s taking part in and taking note of across the globe. Her Stories offer everything fun facts and hacks and her weekly IGTV series, Estefannie explains Estuff, breaks down all things STEM in a digestible way for her viewers. 

@mary_annings_revenge: Amy Atwater is a paleontologist and science communicator who aims to amplify the voice of the immensely accomplished, yet vastly under-appreciated English paleontologist Mary Annings, who was dismissed from scientific circles and credit due to her gender. 

@biologistimogene: Imogene Cancellare is a conservation biologist and National Geographic Explorer who conducts research on rare and elusive wildlife. 

@teachoutsidethebox: Brooke Brown, a teacher in Oklahoma, specializes in all things literacy and STEM. 

@thatcodingyogi: Antonella is a Latina in STEM who combines spirituality, yoga and tech, taking her followers through her experience as a computer science student and shares ways to create new habits for a balanced life through mindfulness and meditation, advocating for inclusion and diversity in tech.

​You can download the new Pi Day stickers in Instragram now. Check out these users and celebrate their contributions to STEM. 

Author: Francis Rey

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