Instagram’s new algorithm that puts best posts first rolls out globally

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Have you checked your Instagram page lately? In case you haven’t noticed it, Instagram has rolled out a new algorithm that puts best posts from your friends before other accounts. It means the pictures you care about will now appear before those ones shared recently.

The Facebook-owned photo sharing service has a new algorithm, and its task is to rearrange the order of posts to show you the “best” posts first—and this new feature is now live globally.

This is happening because Instagram “knows” what you like, and doesn’t want to “bore” you with posts that may not ignite some spark in you. The testing for this new feature actually started in March when Instagram promised to show you photos you are most likely to enjoy rather than recently posted ones. The effect of that announcement was a sort of desperation on the part of Instagram celebrities who became worried that their selfies could be drowned beneath their followers’ actual friends.

“With this new ordering you won’t miss your favorite band’s video after the concert, even if it took place across the world in a different time zone. And no matter how many accounts you follow, you should see your best friend’s latest posts,” Instagram said in a blog post on Thursday.

Like Facebook’s new “DeepText,” Instagram’s new algorithm is designed to know what you like and align it with pictures and posts that you like. It will use machine learning to create more personalized feed based on what it thinks you will enjoy more—of course, this will be based on your past activities. This is so simple to understand—it means those accounts you like and comment on most of the time get priority over others.

Not everyone likes this though

This is one change not everyone is quick to support though—not in the least celebrities and influential accounts on Instagram. If I don’t comment or like past selfies of some celebrities, it means I don’t get to see them first before my favorite accounts—Drake won’t like this one bit.

For brands, they just have to go the extra mile to appeal to users to turn on notifications. It creates a huge concern for them (brands) because users won’t be able to engage in content they create. Perhaps, Instagram’s new app called “Insights,” which is an in-app analytics system can help brands better understand the demographics of their audience.

If you haven’t seen the new algorithm on your account, then it is only a matter of time as it is a feature the company says has gone live. Probably in the next one month every Instagram user should already have it—not sure it’s going to take that long anyway. “You’ll see this new experience as we roll it out over the coming month,” the company said.

In May, Instagram rolled out a new app icon. The old camera-like icon is replaced with a square symbol that represents a camera—and of course, it now has vivid colors and simple lines.

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