Instagram wants to give users more control over what they see

Instagram has announced that it is testing a new feature that gives users more control over that they see on the social network. This is being tested along with a new transparency tool that will be made available to creators.

Going forward, when users see recommended posts, they can select a new “Interested” button that will inform the app that they want to see more of that type of content. The new control is an addition to Instagram’s current personalization controls, including the Interested” option on suggested posts and the ability to snooze recommendations.

Instagram also announced that is experimenting with a new transparency notifications to help creators understand when the reach of their content, such as Reels, may be limited due to a watermark. According to Instagram, the new feature will help creators understand why some Reels are not being distributed to non-followers.

On “shadowbanning,” Instagram’s Adam Mosseri had this to say:

Contrary to what you might have heard, it’s in our interest as a business to ensure that creators are able to reach their audiences and get discovered so they can continue to grow and thrive on Instagram,” Mosseri wrote. “If there is an audience that is interested in what you share, then the more effectively we help that audience see your content, the more they will use our platform. While we’ve heard some people believe you need to pay for ads to achieve better reach, we don’t suppress content to encourage people to buy ads. It’s a better business to make Instagram more engaging overall by growing reach for those who create the most engaging content, and sell ads to others.”

In other news, Instagram is almost set to launch a set of new Reels tools to make video editing on its platform easier for creators. The social media giant has reportedly been working on some editing tools, seems set to roll them all out.

According to Lindsey Gamble, editing tools like Speed, Split and Replace will soon be launched by Instagram. In a new workshop the company held in India, Instagram made it public that it is set to launch some editing tools.

These tools include:

Split: The tool allows you to easily divide a single clip into two separate clips.

Speed: This tool is a control playback speed with new settings and options.

Replace: The Replace tool allows you to swap out one clip with another while keeping the same duration and order.

These set of tools will help Instagram to better compete with TikTok, especially with Reels, which was launched for that purpose.

Author: Ola Ric

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