Instagram users could soon be able to add music to Stories

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A new Instagram code has revealed the next big thing the company is planning to add to Stories. According to TechCrunch, the Facebook-owned app is planning to add music to your Stories. The code, which was found inside the Android version of the app, could let you search for and add a song to your posts.

The ability to add song to your posts could be borne out of a deal which Facebook signed with some major record labels. That could be some major update when it eventually hit the respective app stores probably very soon as no exact date was quoted in the report.

That aside, Instagram is also reportedly testing a way to automatically detect a song you are listening to and display the song title as well as the artist as a visual label.

The new code which was first spotted by Twitter user Ishan Agarwal, is not yet confirmed by Instagram with the company declining any comment when asked to do so.

We will definitely provide an update to this story as soon as we have one. In the meantime, all you can do is expect better days ahead as an Instagram user; especially if the Stories feature is one of your favorites when using the app.

Still on Instagram and new features, the company recently added a native payment feature to signal a new era in the area of ecommerce. The in-app payments feature will enable you to register your debit or credit card as part of your profile. What that means is that you can now add your security pin and start buying things within Instagram.

On paper this looks quite frightening especially for rival platforms and could make Instagram the next big thing when it comes to shopping via a social media platform.

The native payment feature was confirmed by a spokesperson of the Facebook-owned company who did not only confirm the availability of the new feature, but also added that in-app payments for booking appointments such as restaurants or salons is now live for a limited number of partners. Though, not available for now, you will be able to make direct payments for things like movie tickets on the app.

I haven’t spotted the new payments feature yet, but reports suggest that some users in the US and the UK have started seeing it on the app.

The signs were pretty obvious last February when the company announced that it would allow select iOS users see ‘shoppable’ photos with a white icon displayed on the lower left corner. Once a user clicks on the white icon, available products that can be purchased can be clicked on to take him to the product’s description page, However, shopping can’t be done just yet until the user clicks on another link that takes him to the retailer’s website.

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