Instagram to start requesting government-issued ID to verify suspicious accounts


Instagram on Thursday announced a new measure to help curb accounts with suspicious “inauthentic behavior.” By requesting that such users provide a government-issued id, the Facebook-owned app will be able to restrict such individuals from having access to its platform. Is a suspected account required to provide the ID declines, such accounts may be disabled or “receive reduced distribution;” the implication of this is that posts from such account owner will be down-ranked in his followers’ feeds.

We will begin asking people to confirm who’s behind an account when we see a pattern of potential inauthentic behavior. By prompting the people behind accounts to confirm their information, we will be able to better understand when accounts are attempting to mislead their followers, hold them accountable, and keep our community safe,” the ephemeral picture-sharing app said in a blog post on Thursday.

Instagram said it would look at a “range of signals to determine if an account holder needs to confirm their information.” This new measure, according to Instagram, is only targeted at a small number of its community. That said, it is unlikely that you will be asked to do this except of course, your account or previous posts have a history of what is defined by Instagram as suspicious.

“If we see signs of potential inauthentic activity, we will require the account holder to confirm who they are, and once an account holder verifies their information, their account will function as usual unless we have reason to investigate further.”

Submitted IDs will be stored securely and deleted within 30 days as soon as Instagram has completed its reviews. The company adds that the person’s profile will not be affected as outcome of the profile will not be share on his profile. This serves as an assurance that the person’s privacy will be respected.

Last year, Instagram introduced some changes to its policy to include alerting users when they are account is close to being deleted. That update, according to the ephemeral photo sharing app, is geared towards helping users to understand if your account is at risk of being disabled. The Facebook-owned company has now gone a step further to announce a new update that will alert you prior to posting a potentially offensive caption.

The objective of course, is to give a chance to pause and have a rethink before going ahead to post a photo or video that might be carrying a potentially offensive title. Instagram believes that if people are notified ahead of any such post, they can be encouraged to have a rethink of their words when they get a second chance.

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