Instagram to launch multiparticipant livestreams by end of February

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Instagram already has audio livestreaming. But it has ground to cover to catch up with the multiparticipant livestreaming trend.  

To keep up, Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri has revealed plans to launch live video chats for multiple participants by the end of this month.

instagram multiparticipant livestreaming

Mosseri announced the update in Lilly Singh’s talk show titled ‘A Little Late’.

“We have been working on live groups – finally. […] We’re releasing the ability to go live with more than one other person, so with up to four other people, in the next couple of weeks, which we’re really excited about,” says Mosseri.

During the interview, Mosseri reveals three other people during their livestream. 

Mosseri also tells Singh of the exclusive announcement on her show. Not exactly new though.

Grabbing the opportunity

Instagram started to test this feature in India in December last year. It all started when the Asian nation banned TikTok and livestreaming reached new heights in the market. It launched a trial of multiparticipant livestreams to ride the wave.

instagram multiparticipant livestreaming

Instagram Live views grew by over 60 percent in India in 2020. The multiparticipant stream provides a new way to boost that interest.

The social network has been working on the feature for some time.

“Right now you can only go live with one other person at a time, we’re looking into if we could expand that, but it’s not clear that that is the most pressing thing that we can add to Live, versus just getting stability up, adding more features, making it available on web, etcetera,” noted Mosseri last March to enable more guests in Live broadcasts.

For a long time, the feature has been in development even before the pandemic broke out.

Livestreaming rose to new heights in 2020. People found ways to connect amid the lockdowns and stringent measures.

Instagram might have wanted to release the feature sooner. But it seems on pace to launch very soon for its multitude of users to broadcast and connect with their audience. And it may open new possibilities and options.

For instance, you may invite fans, conduct interviews, and attract customers in your livestreams. You may also share the limelight with other influencers.

Livestreaming with another person feels less daunting. And the rise in audio livestream platforms shows how people want more authentic content, and real-time connections.

Instagram has yet to provide an exact date for the launch. We expect an official announcement sometime soon, if not in the next few weeks.

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Author: Francis Rey

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