Instagram Stories tests new Desktop Layout

Instagram is in the works on a new format to display Stories on the desktop version of its platform. It aims to simplify the way you scroll through Stories from the profiles you follow on a bigger screen.

instagram stories desktop layout

A screenshot posted by Engadget shows the new format presenting Stories in a carousel. This is different from the single Story frame that often takes up the screen. It makes it easier to flip or scan through your Stories stream in a more focused, more intuitive way.

As usage rises and more markets embracing Instagram Stories, it has skyrocketed, superseding the engagement levels of the regular news feed.

Instagram will now focus more on Stories on its main feed, at least as an option. And it may see the app open to Stories—the way TikTok uses full-screen feeds of video clips—turning it into the key function of the app.

We are speculating. We have no information from Instagram that suggests that this is in the works. But this new desktop layout aligns with that approach. It allows users to focus on Stories, away from the main news feed.  

Instagram has been updating its desktop version for some time now. It has added DM access back in 2019. It added an option to view IG Live streams from your home PC last April, as the usage surged amid the pandemic.

Streamlining Stories is another part in the growth of its desktop offering. And it provides more capacity for users in different regions worldwide, with various connectivity levels, for an immersive Instagram experience.

It may have an important impact in places such as India, where Instagram has ramped up efforts to increase its presence. It is part of Facebook’s grander moves to ride the tech evolution in that country.

An Instagram spokesperson has confirmed the new desktop Stories test. And it is now available to a small group of users. No timeline or word on a broader rollout yet.

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