Instagram Stories outperforms Snapchat; hits 200 million daily users

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Facebook-owned Instagram has every reason to be proud of its latest achievement. The picture-sharing app’s recently copied Stories has outperformed Snapchat’s. According to The Verge, Instagram’s Stories now has more than 200 million daily users.

Instagram has not only copied Stories from Snapchat, it has succeeded in reinventing the feature; attracting millions of people daily. Cloned directly from Snapchat in 2016, the success story of the feature can be traced to the number of people who post update to their story or view their friends’ posts.

The company also took time out to announce a new selfie sticker option that will allow you turn your personal self-portraits into a sticker that can then be pinned onto photos much later. The most fascinating aspect of this new feature is that it turns your personal facial expression into live emoji.

Geostickers; another feature copied from Snapchat, now has four new cities. These are sets of custom artwork that allow you to broadcast visually that you are in a direct location. The four new cities added by to Geostickers by the Facebook-owned app include, Madrid, London, Tokyo and Chicago. This brings the number of cities that can now benefit from the feature to six. Recall that Instagram first launched Geostickers for its users in New York City and Jakarta. There is even more—the app’s hands-free camera now features a countdown when recording a video.

Earlier in the week, Instagram announced the merging of two of its important features into one. The Facebook-owned company launched what it called “Direct,” which is a combination of texts and reshares. Both features, according to the company, will now appear in the same thread with disappearing photos and videos. This, according to the company, will enable you to seamlessly go back and forth with your friends.

All you need to do when you want to use disappearing messages on the app is to click the blue camera icon in any message thread, or simply swipe left from your Feed. This will present you with an opportunity to know who viewed your message and who replayed them. The best part of Direct as a feature is that you will still be able to know when someone takes a screenshot of your message since it has the ability to keep track.

Direct is a great way to keep the app tidy and free from too many features that get new users confused sometimes. Having two features rolled into one helps you to get around the app in now time, and helps you to keep things simple.

Direct has recorded significant growth since the last update carried out last November by the Facebook-owned company. According to Instagram, Direct has grown from 300 million users to 375 million during that period.

Since our last update in November 2016, the number of people using Direct has grown from 300 million to 375 million. We want to make Direct the best place to have fun, visual conversations with your friends,” Instagram said in a blog post.

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Author: Ola Ric

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