Instagram Stories not only about sharing pictures and videos—you can share texts too

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Instagram is getting more and more creative with Stories—a feature it copied from its fiercest rival, Snapchat. The Facebook-owned company on Thursday added a text only feature to Stories—making it possible for you to share whatever you have on your mind even without using pictures or videos.

The new addition is called “Type;” and it’s one that will allow you to be creative when composing texts to share with your friends in Stories. Previously, you could only send or share your thoughts with pictures and videos.

“Today, we’re introducing “Type” mode in stories, a new way to share anything that’s on your mind with creative text styles and backgrounds — no photo or video required. Now, you can turn your most random thoughts into something colorful and expressive,” Instagram wrote in a blog post.

Here’s how the new Type mode works in Stories: when you open the camera, you will see “Type” next to “Normal” beneath the record button. To use the new mode, simply tap “Type” and write whatever it is you have in your mind. You are also allowed to write your thoughts, songs or poems in different styles. Available to you to choose from are different background colors, highlight words and phrases—and as a matter of fact, you can also add a background photo to go with your texts.


Texts is just like photos and videos in Stories because everything you share only has a 24-hour lifespan.

“Type” is a part of Instagram version 30 for iOS in the Apple App Store and for Android in Google Play. Updates as usual, will take a couple of days to reach everyone. You can keep checking any of the stores until the version becomes available in your location.

A fortnight ago, Instagram added GIFs to Stories. The update allows you to add expressive GIF stickers to any photo or video in your story. A new option has now been added to Stories to allow you add GIFs to your photos and videos in your stories.

Simply tap to open a library where you will find hundreds of thousands of moving stickers powered by none other than GIPHY. Need help finding the right GIF? You can also browse trending GIFs on GIPHY or search its extensive collection to find the sticker to perfectly describe that moment that words cannot best describe. You can find loads of GIFs including, bouncing letters, and twirling hearts to dancing cats and pizza in space. These animated stickers, according to Instagram, will help you make any video or photo funny or interesting.

The ephemeral picture sharing app also announced that it will soon roll out the ability to upload videos and photos in their original size to your story.

Do feel free to give us a feedback on this and other features recently added to Stories by Instagram. We would love to hear from you, especially on the impact Type has had in sharing your stories with your friends. You can use the comment box below to air your views.

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Author: Ola Ric

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